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Track Everything You Eat With an Innovative Type II Diabetes Smart Device

Although not all people have type II diabetes which results in chronically high levels of blood sugar, many do. In America, about 9% are stricken, and over 30% are at increased risk of having it.

Because of this, innovators have come up with software to mitigate diabetes. January AI is a subscription-based idea that began in November and provided tailored nutritional and activity-related recommendations to its subscribers based on examining the algorithm of food-related statistics that the firm has collated over three years under the radar. Each person’s profile is unique, reviewed over the individual’s first four days of utilizing the software.

Investors are convinced by the idea as well. One investor even put down over $8,000,000 seed investment in the company.

Facts about January AI according to the inventors

How will you describe the device you built?

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The platform we built can be considered multi-omic. Data is taken from various sources, which help protect people’s glycemic response. It gives the person the freedom to consider their choices before they finally make them. We gather data from heart rate monitors and continuous glucose monitors, and a 1000-person clinical study that we have conducted. We have come up with an atlas of 16,000,000 foods for which, utilizing machine learning, we could derive nutritional values and come up with nutritional labeling that didn’t previously exist.

Why is it critical to have a monitoring device that is predictive of glucose levels?

We aim to bring back the joy of eating and eradicating the guilt. For example, we can predict how long you need to walk after consuming any food in our database to keep your blood sugar at an optimum level. Knowing what “is” may not be enough. The device can tell you precisely what you need to do after consuming something. If you’re thinking of eating fried chicken and shake, we can tell you exactly how you need to manage it. For example, you may need to walk 46 minutes afterward to maintain an optimum blood sugar range. You might consider if you have time for that.

Is it a concern for you that people will be utilizing the product and get a sense of what they could be doing differently and then finally ditch the subscription?

I have been wearing glucose monitors for more than seven years, and I’m still learning. You quickly grasp that your blood sugar levels hit the roof each time you eat grains such as white rice. It is valid for numerous people. But we also offer a one-year subscription since we factor in that people slip-up some of the time. They need to be convinced that these booster devices are precious.

How do these devices work practically? For example, if I’m in the restaurant and want some pizza but clueless about an order.

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You can compare to see which is a healthier option. You will be able to see how much you need to exercise depending on the pizza toppings.

What are some of the things that might surprise people about what your software can reveal to them?

Your activity prior to eating and exercise after eating is critical. Fiber is essential. It is the most overlooked intervention in the diet in the West. Keep in mind that the ancestral diets of humans consisted of 150 g of fiber per day. Currently, the Western diet will only include 15 g of fiber. Because of this, numerous issues can be traced to a lack of fiber.

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