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Rise of Over-the-Top Media Platforms

The sharp rise of over-the-top media platforms amidst the pandemic led us to analyze the factors contributing to its growth.

Over-the-top media (OTT) primarily refers to the streaming services provided through various platforms. For instance, Netflix is a popular OTT media platform; there are over a dozen more. Over-the-top platforms have a huge impact on our daily lives and our society. And, with people increasing their time spent at home, there’s still a gradual increase in the utilization of the OTT platform.

But, how is this rise happening so rapidly? Some factors eventually aid in the OTT platform growth.

1. Enhanced Broadband Infiltration

This factor has played a primary role in the increasing OTT demand. During the pandemic, to work properly in remote areas, broadband became a necessity. The trend of work from home also made the availability of premium quality broadband a must-have. Governments also improved their systems and infrastructure to deliver telemedicine and other related items, leading to enhanced broadband infiltration. Consequently, that aided the streaming industry and other virtual reality platforms.

Along with the availability of a 5G connection, most content is accessible in the maximum resolution. Not only that, but governments are also improvising methods to improve Broadband infiltration, leading to the ultimate rise of OTT platforms.

2. Affordable Over-the-Top Media Platforms

Almost every OTT platform subscription varies. Before the pandemic hit, the rates of streaming platforms were much higher. However, the rates are pretty low now. For instance, Amazon Prime is amongst the cheapest OTT platforms. The service is available for $6 annually. Therefore, pricing is less of an issue now.

Amazon Prime also delivers 4K quality to their users. In addition to this, many streaming platforms allow screen-sharing features. It means that people can now relish the joys of OTT media platforms by sharing the bill with their buddies. Truly OTT has emerged as an entertainment option that does not cost you an arm or a leg.

3. High-speed Smartphones

With time, technology is getting more compact. Following that, almost all online streaming media platforms are accessible on your high-speed smartphones. To access the channel, all you need to do is type your info for login, and you are ready to go. Individuals can now easily watch their favorite show on the go, on their compact smartphone devices. And, let’s just admit, if these OTT media platforms had not been there, our anxiety would have had us all turn crazy.

4. Improved Over-the-Top Media Streaming Technology

OTT channels provide convenience without creating any fuss. A few years ago, you had to wait a certain time so that you can watch your favorite show. With the innovation in over-the-top platforms, you can watch any content at any time. Also, the picture quality is delivered in 4K, with zero buffering. As a result, the graph of OTT platforms is reaching the horizons every day.

5. OTT Applications

In this modern era, every broadcasting channel holds its application. Instead of going on Google, the channels have localized their content. So, you can select the genre, add subtitles, along with the flexibility of viewing. OTT providers also improve their content through deep insight, prioritizing your preferences.


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