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Onlookers Capture ‘Angels’ on Camera Which They Think Might Be Real Humans

Excerpts from a video on TikTok showing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena thought to be angels
Source: unknown_king47yt/TikTok

The sky has always been an object of fascination and mystery for many. From the golden sun to the glowy moon, captivating rainbows, twinkling stars, and fluffy clouds, it’s easy to see why skywatchers are obsessed with this celestial wonder. 

However, sometimes, the sky shifts from being alluring to puzzling, bizarre, or even outright scary. We’re talking about sighting hands, usual light sources, plane disappearances, stories of weird objects falling from the sky, and many more Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). 

This was the kind of situation some TikTokers found themselves in when they saw images and videos of “angels” falling from the sky in San Diego. Although they felt blessed by it, the rare sighting also left them confused. As you can imagine, they had lots of questions on their minds.

The unidentified objects had wings and moved in ways that we can describe as angelic. However, there were also people who believed that they were aliens instead. These were mostly individuals who endorsed UFO conspiracy theories and argued that governments of the world were in regular communication with extraterrestrial beings.

The third group comprises those who tried to offer logical explanations for the phenomenon. For this school of thought, an analysis of the video shows that the strange object didn’t have a well-defined shape. As such, no one could conclusively decide that they were angels. Instead, the image showed numerous glowing lights forming a circular trail of light from the sky. This, according to them, gives an illusion of a flying bird.

While the background voices imply that the spectators who filmed the image were taken aback by the strange lights, we don’t know the origin of the video. So, it’s difficult to determine what was being captured for sure.

Meanwhile, some TikTokers believe that the strange lights were actual humans that held bright lights. According to someone in this group of thinkers, they must have been skydivers who were captured by the camera as they attempted to land. Others believe that the flying objects were SEAL officers who held lights in a way that created a strange illusion while training.

“Navy seal leapfrogs! My dad used to do this all the time with them,” one commenter wrote. According to a second TikToker, “Not fallen angels, these were navy seals, search TikTok for the video of them landing.” Yet another commenter wrote, “Skydivers with flares attached to them.”

At the end of the day, everyone has tried to explain the phenomenon based on individual analysis of the videos and personal inclinations. Just like many UAPs similar to this, we may never know what the strange sight truly means. Until we know the facts, our interpretation of the events will remain speculative at best. 

Regardless, we’d love to know your thoughts about these unidentified objects in the sky. Do you believe that they are angels, aliens, birds, a SEAL team in training, or something entirely different? Share your perspective; we are eager to hear them.


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