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The Future of Female Corporate Wellness

When the pandemic hit, many companies and businesses were shut down, forcing many to become jobless. However, a few companies were lucky enough to prepare for the worst, and they did everything they could to adjust to the current situation. Instead of using offices, most companies and businesses utilized the work-from-home scheme.

It meant that most of their staff and employees could work in the comfort of their homes. While it was the best idea, it may also have added other problems. One of those is employees’ wellness and health because the work-from-home setup does not usually go well. Some lose the ability to work in their homes, so they resort to doing other things like smoking or overeating to help them work better.

However, Bellabeat, a high-tech company and manufacturer of smart jewelry based in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Zagreb, and London, is putting its efforts into eliminating presenteeism in companies and employees. When talking about presenteeism, it means the overall decrease in a person’s work productivity due to illness, depression, or injury.

Bellabeat’s LEAF bracelet

Health Wellness Focusing on Women Employees

The tech company is exclusively centered around women because they believe that women are still disregarded as care receivers. Most of their products are centered and advertised towards the female audience, and they have taken a step further to help women stay healthy and fit amidst the pandemic.

The company aims at keeping women’s health in top condition in work environments through their high-tech devices and jewelry that tracks mental and physical health indicators. Women who are a part of the program can choose to wear Bellabeat products such as the Bellabeat leaf, a pendant, Spring, a stylish water bottle, and Time, a slim watch.

The devices come with sensors that receive and relay information to Bellabeat’s system, which uses A.I. technology to compile, process, and elucidate data to generate precise reports and suggestions in the platform’s system. Bellabeat’s platform has an instinctive, data-driven approach that provides personalized suggestions to match user’s needs and habits. The program runs users’ daily activities and needs such as meditation, hydration, diet, stress control, and sleep, to name a few.

The Privacy of the Program

Since it is tracking a user’s data, others feared that the company might misuse the information for illegal activities. However, Bellabeat openly spoke to their consumers that they had created a dashboard solely for employees to view and share their wellness between associates. It means that users who have the dashboard are the only ones who can access their private details. Employers will only set foot in a portal where their employee’s data collection is exhibited as a whole instead of separately.

Most companies are trying their best to keep their employees fit and healthy, and Bellabeat’s program is doing just that. The high-tech company has many programs that women can use to help them achieve a physically and mentally healthy body.


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