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Tech News Today: Apple Introduces Fitness+

In today’s technology news, Apple unveils its new Fitness+, Gmail suddenly went off, and Pfizer gets emergency use authorization for COVID-19.

Today’s big story: Apple unveils Fitness+

Apple officially released its first fitness app built for the Apple Watch. It comes with inclusive and user-friendly studio-inspired workouts to Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. It aims to help users do their work out anywhere they are at any time they want.

The first reviews about the new Apple innovation. According to a review, the new Apple Watch integration is the best part of the entire project, even up to the part when the smartwatch works as the on and off switch for the workout. It can also help ensure that the users have a complete recap of your workouts once you are done for the day.

News about the tech leaders

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Google’s services experienced a hiccup at the start of the week – On Monday, Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, and other services offered by the leading search engine platform went down for at least an hour. Fortunately, the platform managed to fix the issue rapidly and allowed the users to continue their normal tasks.


Reddit closed the deal to acquire Dubsmash – In a confirmed deal, the short video platform now belongs to the forum website company. The deal allows Dubsmash to retain its own brand and platform. Meanwhile, Reddit will coordinate its video creation tools to improve the services to their millions of subscribers.

Apple unveils new app privacy labels for all its App Stores – The brand-new labels allow Apple customers to have an easier way to learn the kinds of information collected by the app across three different categories.

All about funding, startups, and venture capital investments

Tonic speculates that synthetic information is the next big data to figure out security and scalability – The “synthetic data” platform revolutionizes data to make it more manageable and make the private data sets accessible for business analysts and software engineers.

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German Bionic raises a total of $20M funds led by Samsung to help boost human labor – the exoskeleton tech startup calls its Cray X robot the first connected exoskeleton in the world aimed for industrial use.

MOMBOX launches curated kits meant for new moms – The entry-level Mombox comes with organic overnight pads, a perineal ice pack, post-pregnancy underwear, and other products that aim to make the lives of new moms easier.

In other news

FDA released emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s recently released vaccine to fight COVID-19 – The pharmaceutical company will start distributing the vaccines in the coming days. However, the approval is not a full certification from the US therapeutics regulation body. The emergency measure still needs a more comprehensive evaluation of the available information from the company.

MIT prof wishes to improve ‘The Hype Machine’ that controls social media – The professor, named Sinan Aral, allocated several years evaluating the social media landscape. He claimed that the world is currently experiencing a complete social media crisis if not addressed instantly.

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