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Samsung Smart TVs Now Comes With Google Assistant

Samsung, one of the leading consumer electronics manufacturers in the world, is now incorporating Google Assistant in its latest smart TV lineup. It means the new Samsung Smart TVs are now compatible with the popular Bixby and Alexa voice assistants, thus providing improved functionalities and control capabilities.

With this innovation, Samsung Smart TVs no longer require installation downloads or additional hardware. This feature is also interchangeable. Also, owners of Samsung Smart TV have more opportunities to have immediate access to any of their content of choice. It also allows real-time response and the capacity to navigate their smart device using their preferred voice assistant. These voice-operated assistance features can help Smart TVs do various activities like controlling playback and volume, opening apps, and changing channels.

In a statement, Samsung Electronics revealed that Google Assistant would be part of the voice assistant options presently available in the 2020-released Samsung Smart TVs. The world-leading voice assistant suite is currently included in all the 2020 model of the 4K and 8K QLED TVs, its Crystal UHD TV line, the elegant The Frame line, the stylish Serif line. This feature is also compatible with the brand’s unique rotating Sero TV line and the revolutionary outdoor compatible Terrace line.

Samsung described this innovation as “Simple Discovery and Control.” Incorporating the different types of voice assistants allows users to have quick access to their chosen entertainment. It also lets them enjoy real-time response, as well as the chance to control all their existing smart home devices without any interruptions.

Users of Samsung Smart TVs will also have better chances of navigating through channels easily using the activated voice command features. It will also let them adjust the device’s audio volume or start operating various applications, among other functions.

Furthermore, users of these Smart TVs will also gain access to various Google services that they usually enjoy. It includes features that will make their days less complicated, including online searches, photo storage, calendars, and maps.

Samsung also revealed that the inclusion of Google Assistants in their latest Smart TV lineups are already rolled out in France, Italy, Germany, and the UK.

Those who recently purchased their Samsung Smart TV from these countries can set up their Google Assistant immediately. They can follow the instructions posted on-screen to start the initial setup of the feature. If the TV already comes with this feature and would rather delay its activation later, they can go to the Settings tab and then select the General tab. Then they must select Voice and chose Voice Assistant to modify this feature.

The South Korean-based electronics company also said that they are planning to roll out these features in 12 other countries before the end of the year. However, the company has yet to reveal which countries are included in the list or if more countries will follow suit.

Stay tuned for more information and other important details about the rollout schedule of this new update in the 2020 Samsung Smart TV products set to come out in the coming days.


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