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First-hand Information About Mophie’s All-New Modular Battery Case For Smartphones

The public got a little confused after the announcement of the Juice Pack Connect in late October 2020. It closely coincided with Apple’s announcement about the launch of the iPhone 12, making more tech enthusiasts assume that the new version of Mophie’s case is mainly based on the new iPhone’s latest MagSafe technology.

While it appears that there could be several future editions of the accessory that can support the MagSafe features, the truth is there are two major technologies involved in the recently released, more modular Mophie battery pack. It includes wireless charging and the traditional adhesive. It means that the battery pack system can efficiently work with any handset that can handle Qi wireless charging technology.

As a matter of fact, the battery pack system is mainly bare by design. You may not even find a case when you open the box. You will need to buy a separate one for this new product. But if you will purchase this new offering from one of the leading smartphone accessory manufacturers, you will get the main battery pack, two adapters, and a grip or stand. The adapters are useful if you want to have a do-over or plan to share the battery with another person.

Installing the product is actually very simple. You can even find a little cardboard guide to make sure you can properly put the product in the center. That guide acts like the frame that you get when installing a screen protector. You can attach the product directly to the pack of your smartphone. But if you do not want to be tied to any accessories, you can opt to use the tiny adapter nub placed on your device’s rear area if other accessories are not attached to it.

The accessories that are part of the system will slide onto the dedicated anchor that you can find on the side. The entire battery pack can be considered the best-looking part of the entire product and the one that can be considered the closest looking product that takes after the look for the original Juice Packs.

However, the ring/stand may look a little cheap and feel as if it was only an afterthought to fill the system when not in use for charging. Since it comes with a smaller, more compact battery design, it means that it has a capacity. But 5,000mAh is not exactly a waste. However, you may find other battery cases with higher capacity for a cheaper price.

Also, since it is a wireless charging system, it may be slower than the wired variety. Because of this, the system is better used to keep your smartphone or other devices in power for a long time instead of charging it rapidly. It means that you can be better off charging your smartphone faster using the USB-C port if you want to juice up your device in an instant.

Generally, this Connect Stand product from Mophie is very functional. It can be used better as a stand instead of a grip. Since it is modular, you can always opt to add more accessories to it. Because of its $80 price tag, you cannot consider it a cheap device, but it can compensate for its functions.


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