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Breathtaking $95,000 Tiny Homes From Estonia Makes Its Way To The US

After getting inquiries and from across the globe for years, Estonian design company Kodasema finally made its revolutionary prefab KODA home available in the US and all over North and South America – and each tiny home ordered can be up and ready for occupancy in as fast as 16 weeks.

The design firm forged a partnership with Nomad Modular LLC to establish a new office in New York. The Kodasema LLC will handle all three production facilities in North America, particularly in Brooklyn, New York, Portland, Oregon, and Calgary, Canada. These production sites will take care of prefabricating the tiny homes with minimal waste.

Kodasema will initially launch their award-winning KODA Loft and the larger KODA Loft Extended models for US-based customers. The smaller model called KODA Compact is expected to follow soon. The entire KODA product line, which also includes the forerunner KODA Concrete and the revolutionary KODA Float for those who want to live on the waterfront, is only available in Europe at the moment.

The company will deliver the KODA tiny homes to new owners, complete with all the fixtures and amenities needed for everyday living. It comes with electricity, water, and complete plumbing hookups. It is also equipped with full cabinetry, LED lights, and a working kitchen that comes with a built-in fridge. The houses also contain full bathroom fixtures.

The buyers have the freedom to customize their KODA tiny homes based on their needs. The company offers a wide range of add-ons and finishes to make the owners stay inside their new home more comfortable. Some of the add-ons include an integrated dining table and a dishwasher, among others.

Like its European counterparts, the KODA US models will also be energy efficient. They will also come in the signature stylish, Nordic-themed architectural design that focuses on natural materials. It will also offer more access to daylight to lessen the need for electrical consumption. But while the design of these tiny houses will still center on minimalism, it will only have a few differences from its European correspondent in terms of size and the construction materials used in creating the house.

The Estonian design firm Kodasema begins to offer prefabricated tiny homes in the US and other parts of North America.

Aside from considering the country’s different climatic requirements, The American KODA units will also have a slightly larger footprint compared to those built in the EU. The KODA Loft US will come in 395 square feet of movable space, while the American version of the KODA Loft Extended will come with 553 square feet of space.

The tiny house revolution in the US goes all the way back to the 1800s, but it regained popularity in 2008 when the country’s housing market experienced a downturn. Today, more people across the states are interested in starting living minimally in tiny properties for convenience and affordability.

The selling price for KODA Homes begins at $95,000, while the KODA Loft Extended sells for $125,000. The company is also planning to develop KODA Parks, where they will build a cluster of their tiny home units in one place.


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