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Bose’s Latest Earphone Technology Built to Help You Sleep

Some are having a hard time sleeping due to different circumstances. They may have insomnia, which is one of the most common sleeping disorders. Some people resort to taking sleeping pills to help them sleep usually. However, some do not prefer taking pills because of the side effects it causes to their bodies.

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, you have the option to try out Bose’s sleep earphones. These are an excellent alternative for those having difficulty sleeping soundly. They first started this project back in mid-2018 and had a better yet pricey product to offer to the consumers. However, they were able to create second-gen earbuds known as the “Sleepbuds II.”

What Do the Sleepbuds Do?
As the name suggests, it was made to help people who have a hard time sleeping. Even if you do not have a sleeping disorder, you can use them whenever you want to sleep quickly. The earbuds can efficiently block outside noise that disturbs your sleep. Tired of loud cars passing by your house and waking you up? The earbuds can produce a combination of music and sound, ensuring that you sleep soundly no matter what outside noise is produced.

Significant Improvement Designs
The main issue of the first design was the battery and connectivity issues. The battery was the primary concern for most because it forced them to wake up whenever the earbuds turned off at random. There were even complaints about the earbuds not fully charging even when you left it for hours.

Bose listened to consumers’ complaints, and they were able to fix those issues by releasing firmware and software updates. They initially expected a decrease in customer complaints with the improvements they made with the Sleepbuds. They thought wrong as the problems persisted even with the numerous updates due to the faulty battery.

With the Sleepbuds II, gone are the connectivity issues, faulty batteries, and random shutdowns. The battery was also significantly improved to the point that you can use them the entire time you are sleeping and still have at least 20% of extra battery life. Consumers were finally satisfied with the refinements they did on this one.

Keeping the Functionality
What is excellent about these is that they never altered their functionality. It still gets the job done by creating noise that is a combination of sounds and music, ensuring you get a good night of sleep. Comfortability was also the focal point of Sleepbud II’s design. The design will let you feel as if you do not have earbuds on your ear, letting you sleep on the side of your head without feeling discomfort. However, there is only one downside of the earbuds, and that it requires you to download its app to access Bose’s music library.

Although pricey, the earbuds can effectively calm you down and put you to sleep faster.


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