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Best LED Vanity Mirrors Every Woman Should Have

It is always advisable to use natural light when applying makeup. Sadly, not everyone can get this, especially if the house doesn’t have massive windows, let alone abundant rays of sunshine. To end this misery and makeup-lighting issues, professional makeup artists recommended investing in good LED vanity mirrors to always achieve a perfect makeup application.

Tri-fold Lighted Vanity Mirror By Flymiro

This mirror is split into three portions, and one of the sides is separated in various magnifications–2x and 3x. The middle and the other part provide a normal appearance. It also has additional features such as it can switch its position to 180 degrees, giving you a much more comfortable position when applying false eyelashes. You can tilt it to look down and fold the sides in, so you can easily see the tiny hair strands.

The mirror can give you different angles. The LED lights function by its touch sensor feature, and it can either use a USB cable or AA batteries to power up the device.

Led Lighted Makeup Mirror By Hotlife

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This is known for its affordable price. It consists of eight LED lights that can easily switch its illumination level with a finger tap. It is cut into two parts, one works as a magnifying mirror while others provide a normal appearance. It uses polished glass to give a brighter image. Its size is ideal for always-on-the-go users, allowing them to access natural light whenever and wherever they may be.

Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirror By Conair Reflections

This provides a subtle, candlelight-caliber lighting, ideal for users preparing for their dinner engagements. It can provide various magnification levels–1x and 7x. Consumers consider this a budget-friendly alternative to pricey high-end models since it can still offer similar effects when applying makeup.

Round Sensor Makeup Mirror By Simplehuman

This uses Trulux LED lights, which can deliver illumination as close to a natural light as possible. This is another cost-efficient model, but it doesn’t have any angle option, just like other models. It can be lacking in such a department, but the product can still deliver when it comes to achieving the required illumination.

LED vanity mirror in the bathroom

Magnifying Makeup Lighted Mirror By Koorlorbs

This is quite an investment because the mirror can give you the 10x magnification function you need when putting your false eyelashes or covering up those zits. The brightness can be modified and the light color since it comes with several colors–yellow, white, and white/yellow. The 360-degree swivel feature and the suction cup will provide more flexibility during the makeup application process. You can either mount it or lay it flat on an even surface.

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Ihome Adjustable Lighted Mirror With Bluetooth

This technologically-advanced vanity mirror consists of LED lights that can be adjusted in different settings. It has built-in Google support, Siri, and microphone features, allowing users to make or take calls while putting on their makeup. They can also send texts, receive weather updates and even listen to music, all because of the Bluetooth technology. This is an ideal device to complement with other smart home devices.

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