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Will You Follow Whoopi Goldberg If ‘Sister Act 3’ Would Be Hitting The Cinemas?

whoopi goldberg

whoopi goldberg

If you are a fan of the first two “Sister Act” movies, you would probably be delighted to know that the franchise’s third installment will possibly be in the works. The news was confirmed by “Sister Act” lead actress Whoopi Goldberg herself.

Released in 1992, the first “Sister Act” movie revolved around Goldberg’s character named Deloris. She is a lounge singer and had to go to a convent under a nun’s guise because she witnessed a murder from her boyfriend, Vince, a mobster. She had to be placed under the witness protection program and to ensure her safety, she had to go to a convent called St. Katherine’s.

However, it was not that easy for Deloris to act as a nun. The Mother Superior of the covenant was reluctant to allow Deloris to stay because she knew why Deloris was there. However, Mother Superior decided to let her stay with them and did not tell the other sisters the real reason why she was there.

Inside the convent, Deloris was later given the name Sister Mary Clarence. Deloris and Mother Superior always clashed, so she limited Deloris’ activities inside. She got the job of helping the choir, and this changed everything for St. Katherine’s. What was once a lousy choir turned into a lively, fantastic group of performers. However, this task also endangered Deloris because this led to her mobster boyfriend to eventually track her down.

whoopi goldberg

The first “Sister Act” was so well-loved that it gained more than $230 million when it hit the theatres. Many loved the movie so much that even the songs in the flick became famous. “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit” hit the theatres the following year. Although Deloris was no longer under the witness protection program here, her former friends at the convent contacted her to be Sister Mary Clarence once again. The movie revolved around the story of Deloris teaching music to a bunch of rowdy teenagers at a school and saving it from closing down. In the United States alone, the second flick grossed $50 million.

In 2017, some of the members of the “Sister Act” cast sang on “The View” the famous “I Will Follow Him” soundtrack of the flick. The studio audience at “The View” were delighted to see and hear some of the casts singing the happy song.

Now, for the third installment, Goldberg shared in her latest interview with James Corden that it could be in the works soon. Goldberg’s statement comes more than two decades after the release of the first two installments. She revealed that she honestly thought no one wanted a third “Sister Act” movie, but they were surprised when many positively responded that they wished for another flick from the cast. Goldberg continued to share that they are “working diligently to try to figure out how to get the gang together and come back.” She did not reveal what the plot of the third installment would be but said everyone is happy about it.

Hopefully, more updates will be given for “Sister Act 3.”


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