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Sitcom Failures: 4 Sitcoms That Didn’t Do Too Well

If you want to why certain sitcoms failed, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to know about sitcoms that didn’t do very well during their short-lived run.

Sitcoms are the way to everyone’s heart. And if it ends up striking a chord within the audience, the stars of it can look at a long successful career in comedy. Sitcoms are the best medicine for people in trying times. The fictional characters’ hilarious situations help ease the viewer’s stress. But what about sitcom failures?

Not all sitcoms enjoy a huge and loyal fanbase. Some of them fail to leave a mark on the audience and end up being cancelled. Such sitcoms may lack fun characters, good storylines, and most importantly, hilarious punchlines. Let’s look at a few sitcom failures that never became a hit.

1. Roseanne

Roseanne was an amazing show that aired in the late 80s to mid-90s. Considered by numerous individuals as the most sensible depiction of the American working people, the show even arrived at the number 1 spot in the Nielsen evaluations during its subsequent season. It’s no surprise that ABC chose to reboot the show in 2018. However, the reboot was quite short lived as series star and creator Roseanne Barr came under water for tweeting racial statements.

2. Will and Grace

Will and Grace initially aired in 1998, and became the first of its kind to normalize homosexuality on national television. The first season had a decent run of 8 seasons at NBC. It was widely praised, and prevailed upon a devoted fanbase. That is likely what the makers, Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, had at the top of the priority list when they chose to reboot the series in 2017. Yet the reboot series failed to leave the same charm as it did on the audiences twenty years ago.

3. Arrested Development

FOX’s Arrested Development includes a special way inside the TV scene. From when FOX initially aired the show in 2003 to them dropping it in 2006, it never truly got a large part of the crowd’s attention. But, after incredible assumptions, the reboot didn’t do so well. The series excited its existing fans when they decided to revive it in 2013. However, the world likewise changed, another president brought down to business, and the Bluth family turned out to be awkwardly acquainted with reality. The last period of the reboot, the network decided to cancel, and left audiences frustrated.

4. Fuller House

America’s favorite family failed to impress the audience with their antics this time around, when the series came back for a sequel in 2016. Fuller House, returns to the Tanners 21 years after the first series finished. The revival series had a 5-year run before the network cancelled because of helpless viewership. Even though it went on for some time, it got unfavorable reviews from both old fans and fresh audiences. Fans and critics alike found that the show attempted to reuse similar thoughts and rehash jokes without bringing sufficient enough new components.


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