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Netflix’s Most Interesting Shows of 2021

Netflix keeps releasing great content a series at a time. Find out about the most interesting shows of 2021 to watch on Netflix right now.

Netflix never fails to disappoint when it comes to releasing top-notch quality content. All of Netflix’s original series ensure full-on entertainment leaving its viewers wanting more. Given the recent pandemic, people turned to OTT platforms even more as good content is all they can to rely on. Here we have a list of the most exciting shows Netflix has released in 2021.

1. Behind Her Eyes

A psychological thriller, Behind Her Eyes, checks all the boxes when it comes to mystery, thrill, and suspense. It involves the story of a single mother who works as an assistant to a psychiatrist. She soon gets caught up in a deadly affair with her boss, which later spins the story into even more twists and turns. In addition, we also find out that David – the psychiatrist, is married to Adele, who has her own set of psychological problems. David and Adele, at the forefront, are the perfect couple, but in reality, they are leading an unhappy marriage. What forms the crux of the story is when the single mother and the unhappy wife become part of an unlikely friendship. With only six episodes in its premiere season, it is totally binge-watch material that won’t disappoint.

2. Bridgerton

Based on famous author Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novel series released way back in the 90s, Netflix brought it to life thanks to ShondaLand Productions. This production company is also known to have birthed hit series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get With Murder. The series follows the lives of the Bridgerton family. The pilot season takes us on tour through Regency London’s high society, where young girls considered of marriageable age are introduced to suitors to find a potential match. What makes it more interesting is that an anonymous figure writes a weekly column entailing all of high society’s secrets. This series is definitely for you if you’re a sucker for a light-hearted story, some good family drama, and lots of romance.

3. Shadow and Bone

If you’re a massive fan of fantasy, might we suggest you add Shadow and Bone to your watchlist?  Based on a series of novels by Leigh Bardugo, the show takes us on a wild journey in a fantasy world called Ravka, where special creatures exist alongside humans. These special creatures are called “Grisha,” who are considered Ravka’s superheroes. In the series, we meet Alina Starkov, who discovers she can fight off hideous creatures known as “Volcra” through the light present within her. The rest of the plot deals with Alina’s journey along with her best friend Malyen, as she discovers she’s not just any Grisha, but the Sun Summoner. Give this show a watch if you’re drawn to the fantasy world.

4. Lupin

This French series is a revenge thriller that promises enthralling characters and juicy plot lines. The central premise of the series deals with Assane Dop, the son of a Senegalese immigrant who was wrongfully imprisoned for theft. The man he worked for was responsible for putting Assane behind bars as he thrives on his power. Years later, Assane returns from prison and hatches a plan to get back at his employer and his family to avenge himself and his father, who commits suicide after Assane was imprisoned. This series is jam-packed with intriguing story arcs, if that’s what you’re looking for. With part one of the series being released in early 2020, part two is now also available to stream with a total of ten episodes to watch.


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