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Check Out These Netflix Movies and TV Shows Streaming in October 2020 For Your Next Binge-Watch Marathon

As the month of Halloween and the season of witches and ghosts nears, October is once again here to welcome your spooky month with a new set of movies and TV shows. Netflix’s line up for October is packed with fun and diverse shows that you can watch alone or with friends and family, regardless of your mood!

Whether you are looking for a paranormal movie to feel the dark October vibe or a more family-friendly show to get a good laugh, you are sure to find something to add to your list of movies and shows to watch. So, what are you waiting for? Check out what Netflix has to offer this October 2020, and you might just find a show to watch while you cozy up in your bed and have a cup of pumpkin spice to battle the autumn chill!

Highlight to Watch Out For

Creators of The Good Wife dropped the first season of Evil on CBS last year, and this coming October, the show is making its way to Netflix! Subscribers can finally see the hype and buzz surrounding the supernatural show, which will surely keep you on your toes.

Looking for something to stir your emotions a bit more? Dick Johnson is Dead, a documentary film made by Kristen Johnson as a tribute to her father, will give you a mix of tears and laughter. Alternatively, creator of Orange is the New Black is set to release an eight-part anthology series called The Social Distance to highlight stories of how individuals maintain their connections during the quarantine and pandemic.

Get Ready to Be Spooked

What better time to watch a horror or thriller film than in October, the month of Halloween itself? This year, indulge yourself in a range of films such as Along Came a Spider, Basic Instinct, and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, all of which are set to drop on Netflix on October 1. You can also wait for the Netflix Original film Rebecca, which talks about a young newlywed who moves into her husband’s home, only to find herself battling with the shadows and memories of her husband’s previous wife.

Laugh Out Loud

As the common adage says, laughter is the best medicine, so no matter what time of the year it is, you are sure to benefit from a lighthearted comedy movie. Catch Adam Sandler’s new film Hubie Halloween, set to arrive on October 7, where Sandler plays a community volunteer who finds himself caught in a murder investigation.

You can also check out The Longest Yard, The Prince & Me, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and Holidate to give you your much-needed laughter dose!

Prepare Your Tissues

Get ready to prepare your tissue packs with the dramas that are set to come out on Netflix. Do not miss out on Stranger than Fiction, Her, Moneyball, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Carol, and The Hummingbird Project, to broaden your perspective and take you on an emotional whirlwind.

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