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5 Reasons Why A Movie Flops

Some movies are declared flops, even though a lot of hard work is attached to them. Keep reading to know why.

Many movies are made in a year, but many of them go unnoticed because of certain elements that they lack. There are many reasons why a movie flops even with million dollar budgets and thousands of hours of hard work.

However, sadly, that isn’t enough. The audience can be very picky with what entertains them, so filmmakers have to make sure to give the audience what they want. To do so, they’d have to understand from the minds of their audience. Only then can they make a movie so good that it will entertain the masses.

In the meanwhile, here’s what filmmakers are doing that makes their project a failure.

1. Miscasting Causes Movie Flops

Here’s the deal: the movie will be a disaster when casting directors hire actors who aren’t good at what they do and don’t fit in their roles. The movie is the brand, and the actors are its face. If the face itself doesn’t draw the audience towards the brand, what good is the face then? Think, how many times have you seen a movie and said to your friends, “the actor was so bad in it” or “they don’t give good expressions at all.” Hence, step number one, if you want to make a good movie, hire strong actors.

2. Awful Direction

Point number two, why a movie fails, is terrible direction. If the actors are the faces of the brand, the director is the owner of it. Or one might say, “captain of the ship.” They’re called directors for a reason; their job is to guide or “direct” their team towards success. No matter how good the actor is, if the director isn’t good enough to get the right emotions out of them, none of it will matter.

3. Nonsensical Storylines

Welcome to point number three: stories that just don’t make sense. No matter how hard you try to comprehend what you just saw in the past 90 minutes, your brain won’t be able to comply with the illogical anecdote the movie tried to sell you. Here’s the thing: weird storylines make for a lot of laughs. A filmmaker’s worst fear is for people to walk out of a cinema laughing, even when it wasn’t even a comedy. The plot has to be well thought out in order to bring audiences along on its journey.

4. Low Budget Production

Now, this may seem a little unfair, as not all low-budget films are necessarily bad films. However, filmmakers who try to fit everything in their low budget shouldn’t expect it to be a hit. When the project doesn’t have much budget, the producer should be ready to compromise on some elements that make a good film. Overcompensating won’t do them any good as the poor quality speaks for itself.

5. Bad Press Can Cause Movie Flops

You know what they say, all publicity is good publicity. Well, they’re wrong! Drama is never good, especially when it’s attached to a movie that’s about to release. Controversies revolving around a film – be it regarding the actors, behind-the-scenes drama, or the production crew, these controversies can negatively affect the film’s image. People will always remember it for being the film with controversies attached to it. Hence, the worse the press, the more likely the movie is to flop.


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