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YouTuber Monster Stas Reeflay Whose Girlfriend Dies on Livestream a Serial Abuser?

Stas Reefley, the YouTuber who was arrested after shutting out his pregnant girlfriend in sub-zero temperature for money, supposedly exhibited patterns of abuse.

According to the new report from a UK tabloid, the incident where the 30-year-old Russian, whose real name is Stanislav Reshetnikov–locked out his girlfriend outside, leading to her death, was not an isolated one. By watching his previous YouTube videos, authorities found a pattern of alcohol abuse, violence and deprivation.

His 28-year-old girlfriend, Valentina Grigoryeva, was the favorite subject of his ridicule and attacks, mostly in his house in Ivanovka. Some of the disturbing clips supposedly showed Stas Reefley allowing his friends to hit her while filming.

For instance, one incident involved Valentina laying down on the sofa while the YouTuber was pepper-spraying her. She was screaming in pain and was struggling to breathe. Instead of comforting her, Reeflay sprayed her with the canister again.

While she was writhing and trashing on the floor, Reeflay was calmly sitting down and sipping his drink, looking at his girlfriend indifferently.

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The Russian authorities are reviewing the videos to collect more evidence against the YouTuber. Supposedly, Reeflay filmed the video specifically for his audience, who encouraged the torture. The clip recorded thousands of views before it was taken down. Before he forced her outside, he doused her with cold water to further accelerate the onset of hypothermia.

When she was finally let in, Valentina was already motionless. She died of hypothermia after standing out in the cold for so long only in her underwear.

He was heard on the video addressing her as “Valya” and how she looked dead. He also called her “Bunny,” apparently his pet name for her. He encouraged her to say something, but when she was unresponsive, he checked her pulse and heart. He then addressed his viewers by telling them that she has no pulse and that she wasn’t breathing.

He called an ambulance but did not stop the livestream. Valentina was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigation revealed that the livestream went on for another two hours after her death. Reeflay relied on donations from his viewers and accommodated their requests. BAZA media reported that the YouTuber was paid $1,300 to torture Valentina and stream it live, although it was clear that he went too far.

After the livestream went viral, the Russian authorities arrested the suspect.

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Meanwhile, Reeflay reportedly faces a manslaughter charge, which could send him up to 15 years in prison.

According to the report, the charge was downgraded from murder to manslaughter for causing bodily harm, which led to Valentina’s death.

Forensics also found evidence of torture before she was thrust out into the cold. Aside from multiple bruises, investigators revealed that Valentina sustained severe injuries to the head and face.

Her death led to advocates fighting for harsher penalties on what they call “reality violence” prevalent in Russia’s social media channels. The government has no regulations to impose restrictions on disturbing behaviors on YouTube, which can be viewed by children.

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