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The Downsides of Being a Celebrity

These are some of the downsides of being a celebrity

When you think of celebrities, you always think about how great and easy their lives are. They are rich, thousands and millions of fans worldwide adore them, and all the opportunities they have just because they are famous.

But being a celebrity isn’t always a bed of roses; all roses have thorns. This article will tell you about some of the downsides of being a celebrity.

Celebrities Can’t Do What Everyone Else Can

Famous celebrities can’t do all the mundane everyday things we all do. If a celebrity is spotted just shopping at a grocery store, what do you think would happen? They would get completely hounded by random fans and people for pictures or autographs.

Celebrities have to live out in their own private world, and they could rarely do things ordinary people like us can. Do you think Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson can go out and about and have a walk in a neighborhood without being mobbed by whoever saw him? Celebrities have a lot of fun in life, but these little things do matter, and celebrities can’t really indulge in your everyday little pleasures.

The Paparazzi

The paparazzi are always there. They will be there for the good times when you look amazing and beautiful, and they will also be there on your bad days when you just want to be left alone in your own little world. At first, having paparazzi following you around may seem fun, and you might love seeing your face in magazines and the papers. But it gets real old fast.

Having your every move documented and shared with the world can get really frustrating. Paparazzi aren’t always there to make you look great; they are there to get the shots that’ll get the most people talking. They will be outside your home, follow you wherever you go, and wait for you outside the hotel you might have just gone into. They will try to find as much ‘drama’ as they can, which could also mean the paparazzi provoking you and just hoping you respond in a way that looks bad on camera.

Fake Friends

When you are a celebrity, it can get tough to know if your friends are really your friends or they are just there to take advantage of your celebrity status. It becomes harder to separate genuine people from those befriending you for personal gain.

It must get really infuriating having to scrutinize and judge every new friend you make. In some ways, it could actually be a good thing, having a few good friends instead of having a lot who you are unsure of.

Celebrity Lives Are Constantly Judged

The life of a celebrity is constantly out to the public. Their every move and every decision they make is judged and criticized by the public. The media and people make comments about them that are downright rude. Often, there is news that is simply not true, and thousands of people will have already commented and criticized the celeb without even finding out if it is true.


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