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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is known to introduce new trends and styles that everybody loves to follow. But are they always introducing the right trends? Keep reading to understand more about CSR in the fashion world.

The fashion industry is quite a colorful place to be in. Models, designers, and stylists are often looked up to as people turn to them and follow them for all kinds of fashion advice. Young girls are severely influenced by models and their style, while others wear clothes made by top-notch designers. But where does social responsibility have a role?

Fashion experts somewhere along that line forget that they are put in a position of power, which they unintentionally misuse by promoting things that aren’t the best for the masses. This post will talk about how socially responsible the fashion industry is and how much they should be, as they’re known as one of the biggest influencers in the world.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that promotes the wellbeing of society. It dictates what should be preached or promoted that is fit for the society. Many brands and businesses are now turning CSR into one of their primary goals, as they should since they have a responsibility towards the community.

CSR communicates the protection of society regarding anything and everything. From factories emitting gases within the community to cosmetic companies producing make-up items that are tested on animals – incorporating and implementing CSR would prevent companies from doing so. So, does the fashion world practice being socially responsible? What should it do to do so? Let’s explore.

1. Stop Promoting “Skinny Culture”

Many models we see on the ramp are stick-thin, and young girls watching them at home are plunged into deep complexes about not being enough curvy or skinny. They believe that is the only body type to have and eventually begin to starve themselves in order to look more like the models they see. They don’t realize how harmful this can be, as many food disorders are a result of just this. Young girls don’t know any better, but adults in the fashion world should. They should promote that being towards the healthy side is nothing to be ashamed of and that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

2. The “Fair and Clear Skin” Complex

Women who have fairer skin are deemed absolutely “beautiful,” and the constant promotion of such beauty standards puts a very different image of beauty in young girls’ heads. They strive to be “more fair” to look more like the models they see. In addition, clearer skin is also a huge deal in the fashion world. Young girls who already struggle with their identities are put into dilemmas and perplexes regarding their appearance. What the fashion industry needs to do is promote more diverse beauty standards. The is fact that it shouldn’t matter whether you’re fair or dark-skinned, have acne or not; either way, you’re beautiful.

Final Thoughts on Corporate Social Responsibility

People working in the fashion world definitely work hard to do what they do, and it isn’t easy. However, when it comes to beauty, they should also promote how beauty has no definition. If they make themselves more relatable, they will have more people turning to them for all kinds of advice. Hence, the fashion world, albeit amazing in its own ways, surely needs to practice being socially responsible.


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