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Top 5 Art Exhibitions of 2021

Find out which art pieces stood out at the art exhibitions of 2021. Read on to learn more.

2021 saw a slow start as the enduring impacts of the Global Pandemic were still in effect. The awaiting opening of countless art exhibitions finally is something to look forward to. Having the option to once again visit various art displays, we can finally enjoy and celebrate these phenomenally curated presentations once again.

Below are the top 5 art exhibitions you must see in 2021.

David Hockney: The Arrival of Spring, Normandy, Royal Academy

This display’s highly-anticipated opening checked the spring’s upbeat appearance, which will be a certain lift to spirits all across England. If any craftsman could artistically showcase the transition into spring, it was the one and only David Hockney. The consistently creative Bradford-bred 83-year-old craftsman caught spring unfurling. The art exhibit captures the feeling of sunlight hours expanding and blossoms sprouting in spring despite being in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in Normandy, France.

The Making of Rodin, Tate Modern

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) is revered for the bronze realistic human figures he has created. He is specifically known for his widely acclaimed projects like “The Kiss” and “The Thinker” that rise above mainstream society in their portrayal of serious, crude feelings. The Tate Modern caused quite an upset in handling a display consisting of 200-pieces. The intricate art exhibition investigates Rodin’s production process which often began with a mortar model.

Paula Rego at Tate Britain

Portuguese-born Dame Paula Rego, at 85-years of age, is most popular for her exceptionally stylized artworks and prints. Her works depend on classic stories that regularly weave in repeating women’s activist subjects. She’s a modern-day extraordinaire, and this classic exhibit – the biggest and generally most extensive of her attempts till now, is an absolute must-see. Rego’s exhibit will include more than 100 works such as crossing arrangements, paintings, ink and pencil works, huge scope pastels, and molds. The presentation will recount her remarkable life, featuring the unique idea of a lot of the projects she has worked on.

Dürer’s Journeys: Travels of a Renaissance Artist, National Gallery

Albrecht Dürer (1471 – 1528) was a printmaker, German painter, and scholar of the German Renaissance. His work will be displayed in November at the National Gallery alongside a contemporary of Italian titans Bellini and da Vinci, and Raphael. The presentation will be the primary significant UK show of the craftsman in almost twenty years. According to its namesake, it will trail the movements of Dürer throughout Europe. It’s expected to outwardly narrate his excursions to Italy, Alps, The Netherlands, and Venice.

Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser, V&A

In a manner that solely could only be pulled off by the V&A, the Kensington sturdy has accepted the powerful theme of the enchanted, marvelous, and much-adored story by Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. More than 300 items traversing the story’s 158-year history will be united by the exhibit, Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser. The presentation will be a worldwide social wonder exploring the adaptations of Walt Disney, Salvador Dalí, and Tim Walker.


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