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Viral Video Showing Melania Trump Snubbing Donald Reaches Over 4 Million Views

A video has gone viral showing Melania Trump walking away from her husband, Donald Trump, during her last photo opportunity as the First Lady of the United States.

The clip, taken moments after the couple left the White House for the last time on Wednesday, already got more than four million views.

Even if the moment allowed Melania to have one last photo opportunity as the wife of the most powerful person in the country, her moves obviously showed that she was not interested in having one.

In the video, Melania was seen walking away from Donald as soon as they descended from their plane upon arriving in Florida.

The former President of the United States paused and waved at the reporters waiting on the runway, but Melania continued her walk towards their waiting car.

It was not the first time that the Slovenia-born former model and businesswoman shunned her husband in public. Another clip of the couple went viral after Melania was seen snatching her hand away from Donald during one of his campaign appearances for his reelection bid in the 2020 US Presidential Elections.

The videos seemed to show where the relationship is heading after their White House stint.

Melania and Donald met in 1998 at a party. The couple immediately started dating while the business mogul was still divorcing his second wife, Marla Maples. The model continued her career while Donald’s divorce was finalized in 1999.

After six years of dating, the couple became engaged in 2004. They were married at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea located in Palm Beach. The lavish reception took place at Donald’s plush Mar-a-Lago estate. She gave birth to her only son, Barron William Trump, in March 2006.

They seemed to have an ideal relationship since they both enjoy their rich and luxurious lifestyle. But the Trumps’ relationship seemed to take a different turn when Melania was forced to take on the role of the President’s wife after his shocking victory at the 2016 US Presidential Elections.

Since Donald was inaugurated at the White House in 2017, Melania started to struggle in her new role as the First Lady. In a short time, many Americans started to criticize her for not showing the same charisma and passion as her predecessor, Michelle Obama.

Melania Trump joins her husband, Donald Trump, and their son, Baron William, during a 2015 public speaking engagement.

The public also felt that there are cracks in the Trumps’ marriage during the last four years. There were also rumors that Melania will immediately file for divorce as soon as he stepped down from the Oval Office.

While Melania strongly denied the rumors, Melania appeared to lose her interest in fulfilling her official duties in the White House.

She deliberately opted not to give Dr. Jill Biden the customary White House tour that usually takes place between the outgoing and incoming First Ladies.

The 70-year-old tradition symbolized a very important exchange of power between the American presidents and their wives for years.

Now that her stint as the First Lady is over, Melania’s next moves have yet to unfold.


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