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Trump Plans To Run Again In 2024 If Biden Wins, Former Chief of Staff Says

The former chief of staff of US President Donald Trump made several major claims about him this week as the tension-filled election continuous.

We are now on the fourth day after the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Due to the record-breaking number of voter turnout, the current election can be considered as the most divisive one in history. Since the results are still unclear, the tension remains rising all over the country.

The road to the White House is slowly narrowing…

And at the moment, Biden is closer to get the necessary 270 electoral votes after reaching 264 votes, while Trump got 214.

The outcome in the battleground states is still unannounced as the counting remains underway.

These include the states of Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and North Carolina.

As of Friday morning, several news outlets projected the Democratic Party bet Joe Biden will win the election.

And now, the incumbent president’s former chief of staff came out with several bold claims.

Before we get to it, let’s look back at the most recent developments over the past day…

Trump’s supporters headed to the vote-counting center in Detroit.

Due to Trump’s comments early this week, a significant number of protesters went to the counting center while yelling, “stop the vote.”

The venue’s security personnel barred more poll watchers who want to gain access to the counting room. It caused the Republican supporters to claim that the restriction meant that the people allowed to stay inside were mostly Democratic, but the other people in the group also noted that other Democrats are also banned from the area.

Aviation authorities assigned “national defence airspace” where Biden is currently staying.

Since Biden is projected to win, his residence in Wilmington, Delaware, becomes a no-flight zone and one other spot in the area.

The spot has been assigned as a “national defence airspace” until today.

On Thursday, Trump turned to Twitter, ordering to “stop the count.”

In a Twitter thread, the president stated that all votes that came after the election day should not be counted.

However, Twitter flagged his tweets as “disputed” and “misleading.”

Yet the pageful demand startled the public.

Despite the fraud allegations, Georgia’s Chatham County Board of Elections turned down the lawsuit filed by Trump’s camp.

According to the judge who handled the case, there is no evidence that the ballots mentioned in the petition were delivered after 7 pm on Election Day. It means that those ballots are not invalid.

Michigan also made the same ruling…

According to Judge Cynthia Stephens from the state’s Court of Claims, she turns down Trump’s campaign team’s legal request. She said that there is no legal basis for election fraud claims.

Biden, on the other hand, stayed confident about his victory.

The Democratic bet made a short statement in Delaware on Thursday. He repeated his confidence that he will become the next elected president of the country. He also mentioned that he would “no doubt” win after the counting process is over.

Biden also stated that he plans to make the country rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement on day 1 of his presidency.

This action will come three years after Trump’s announcement that he will back out of the international climate change policy.

Then Trump broke his 36-hour silence outside social media to declare a questionable speech on Thursday afternoon.

He even started his speech to claim that he won the election if the legal votes are counted, while the mail-in ballots are “one-sided.”

Trump also went on to inject his eyebrow-raising claims of a fraudulent election.

Because of his claims, major news stations like MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC took away his air space.

To show that he is not backing down, he turned to Twitter to reiterate his speech’s important points.

He accused the Democrats of attempting to take control of the US Senate and insisted that he will stake his claim in the presidency.

He also promised to take all legal actions against all the states that made Biden win.

Meanwhile, Biden responded to the Republican candidate’s accusations that his camp is cheating.

He said that the country has come too far and endured more than enough to let anyone take away the democracy.

Police also started to investigate a suspected plot to attack the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where the state’s votes are counted.

According to WPVI, the police received a tip about a group driving a Hummer in Virginia that plans to attack the Convention Center.

The Philadelphia Police told the outlet that they discovered a weapon and assumed that they also discovered the Hummer mentioned in the tip.

One person was also taken into custody, according to WPVI and KYW.

Reports also revealed that the US Secret Service would intensify the security as the anticipation about Biden’s victory strengthens.

The Washington Posts claimed that Biden is about to get a stronger Secret Service security since he might win and make his acceptance speech in his hometown in Delaware.

As of the moment, Biden took the lead in Georgia, one of the historically Republican battleground states.

Pennsylvania is also expected to wrap up voting in the soonest possible time.

According to Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt, the Philadelphia county, recognized as the latest county in the state, is expecting 50,000 mail-in votes for counting, in an interview with CNN.

Another update reported that Biden already leads in the state, which is a major blow to Trump’s reelection dreams if he will not secure the 20 electoral votes from Pennsylvania.

Trump did not let this development pass, saying on Twitter that Philadelphia has a long negative history on the election’s integrity.

His former chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, had some bold claims about Trump’s next moves.

In an interview with Institute for International and European Affairs, Mulvaney said that if Trump does not find his way back to the White House this year, he will do everything to fight back and claim the Oval Office in the 2024 Elections. He also noted that Trump does not like losing.

Mulvaney also mentioned that Trump still has high-energy despite his age. He may even run until 2028.

The count is still underway. Stay posted for updates.


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