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Top 5 Plus-Size Models and Things We Can Learn From Them

Finding plus-size clothing nowadays is a breeze

The days when you could not find ready-to-wear plus-size clothes are long gone, and so are the days when good fashion designers designed only for slim women. With more and more plus-size fashion models walking the ramp and plus-size clothing market experiencing a boom, hitting new highs every year, more and more retailers are joining in to produce plus-14 dresses. Here are some top plus-size models and the things they teach us about having a curvy body.

1. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham talks about the importance of undergarments in creating a perfect silhouette.  She often lets her lingerie show underneath her clothes. She breaks the stereotypes attached with plus-size women by wearing silk and skirts above her knees.

For her, it is about stepping out of the comfort zone, and that is what you should try too. Belting everything and wearing tight body clothes would never allow you to feel comfortable, and the key to a confident look is comfort.

2. Barbie Ferreira   

The 24 years old model has an amazing sense of style when it comes to plus-size dresses. She is often seen wearing off-the-shoulder blouses, animal print dresses, high-waisted skirts, and long boots. She likes using cross-body drapes to show her mid-section curves.

Ferreira believes in discovering oneself and finding out in the process what looks best on them. There are a number of retail stores, online and offline, and some great designers that have an array of fashionable clothes to offer. Trying on different styled clothes and mixing and matching things to discover your liking is important to ascertain your own personalized style.

3. Paloma Elesser

From tying shirts on silk skirts to combining mesh tops with nylon windbreakers, Paloma Elesser is another top plus-size model who believes in standing out. She would try new color combinations that most people would be too afraid to try. She also uses accessories to add a pop of color to her look.

4. Precious Lee

Precious Lee has advised plus-size women many times to not feel confined and shop from a variety of places. She likes putting on ‘old-fashioned’ clothes, mixing them with modern add-ons to produce stunning results. She finds online shopping a great way to access variety.

5. Hunter McGrady

This well-known model, with a number of big modeling events and catwalks under her name, is a popular advocate of body positivity. She talks about owning who you are and being confident. She wears horizontal stripes and body cons and looks amazing in them. She understands that not everyone can afford tailored dresses and advises them to go for styling and matching tricks.

When you are shopping for plus-size dresses, remember to forget about all the stereotypes of plus-size clothing and buy whatever you want to wear. Try on new outfits and see what looks best on you and what you are most comfortable wearing. Remember, there is no better outfit than confidence.


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