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This Is Just Heartbreaking – Mother Loses Son To Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

carbon monoxide poisoning

Mothers are naturally very protective of their loved ones, and they would do almost anything to make sure everyone is safe, loved, and happy. Mothers never imagine that their children’s lives would be cut short, so many say that the worst heartbreak a mother could go through is burying her child.

That happened recently to a mother who lost her child because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The mom, identified as Cassandra Free, has three children. Her kids are Johnathan, 15 years old, Blake, 13 years old, and Andy, nine years old. Her youngest son was the one who untimely died.

It was a very bizarre turn of events for the family. One moment, they were out enjoying their vacation, and the next moment, they are grieving over Andy. Accordingly, it all started one morning in June when they spent the day in a lake called Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma, near their house. The kids enjoyed a lot of water sports like wake-surfing and kayaking. The children spent most of the day wake-boarding, and everyone was having a great time.

While they were on their way back, Andy was at the back of the boat, but their father insisted that the kids help out. However, Andy fell off the boat after trying to help. The boy did not seem like he had problems being underwater, but later, they knew there was something wrong. His father and a stranger dove into the water to get to Andy. Although it just took a few minutes, the boy was no longer breathing. They initially thought that his cause of death was drowning.

They were in for a shocking revelation when they got to the hospital. Free shared that when they got there, her two other boys were complaining about their headaches. They also claimed they were feeling nauseous and dizzy. A medical examiner, who took care of Andy’s body, asked Free if the hospital could test the two boys. It turns out that they were already suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Johnathan and Blake had to spend the night at the hospital to receive treatment for Acute Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

A test was then run on Andy. The family waited for the results, and the autopsy revealed that he had 72 percent levels of carboxyhemoglobin in his body. Such a complex form of carbon monoxide is formed in red blood cells when one inhales carbon monoxide. Free shared in a statement that their little boy was “probably slowly dying” and they did not know it. Even if he did not fall from the boat, he could have also died while sleeping.

Accordingly, the carbon monoxide poisoning came from the exhaust of the boat. The incident is called open-air carbon monoxide poisoning. Free noted in another statement that inboard boats accumulate high levels of carbon monoxide in just minutes.

She is sharing their story to warn people. She also hopes that reforms will be made in the boating industry so no one would suffer the same way they did.


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