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Photographer Shares Unique Tips and Tricks He Utilizes To Take Stunning Images

jordi puig

In this modern and digital world, over five billion people have access to a smart gadget with a high-tech camera. Today, everyone is compelled to take a picture of anything, from what they eat to the interesting sights they see. Photo sharing is at an all-time high thanks to various social media platforms. For this reason, Jordi Puig, a Barcelona-based photographer, is on a mission to elevate everyone’s photography skills.

He wants to show the world that you really don’t need fancy gadgets, lights, and other frills to take visually-appealing and captivating photographs. All you need to do is let your creative juices flow and keep on practicing. His tips and strategies are evidenced-based with convincing behind-the-scenes documentation of how you can effectively achieve your desired photo composition. In Bored Panda, there are 30 stylized images you can take inspiration from.

Capturing Any Subject

Jordi Puig is first to admit that he is able to come up with his enchanting images with the help of his brother. They use ordinary props to craft stunning images that are a feast for the eyes. His style is very cinematic, and this does not come as a surprise to those who are close to him because his previous work is related to making films. He shares: “Everything can have an artistic point of view. I can photograph anything. The main point is about finding the angle, the impact, the perspective.”

Telling a Poignant Story

Indeed, many professional photographers will say that their craft is all about perspective. The person behind the lens, holding the camera, can use their imagination and creativity to tell various stories about the same subject. With the aid of angles and other techniques, you can give depth to an image. Instead of capturing a two-dimensional scene, you can compose a three-dimensional one that’s more vibrant and appealing to all the senses.

Using a Broad Range of Simple Methods

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Jordi Puig demonstrates various methods in his own Instagram account. He relies on differenttricks, such as shot angle to framing, and plays with different materials to give a unique perspective. With his passion for his craft, this photographer has become adept in utilizing a wide range of real-life hacks to immortalize amazing cool photos on his camera lens. He has shared many on his social media profiles.

He is known for using typical everyday objects as his prop to elevate his pictures. He has used a ridged water bottle overlapped with a lens to make an interesting effect. Even a simple marble, a KFC bucket with holes, a rolled-up newspaper, or a metal can with holes can deliver amazing results. If you intend to copy his techniques, you can use it with Instagram filters and a tiny bit of editing to zero in on an atmosphere and evoke a certain mood in your final output.


Remember, with the aid of the most mundane things, you, too, can come up with stunning images like him. The sky is the limit to your imagination. Play around to your heart’s content because there is no right or wrong way to get things done. The important thing is to think creatively and to just do it. Have no fear!

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