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Nostradamus Predictions for 2021: Zombie Apocalypse, Famine, Asteroid to Hit Earth and Many Others

Michel de Nostradamus, more commonly known as Nostradamus, was known as a famous French astrologer who was sometimes regarded as a mystic due to his prophetic claims. His writings have long piqued the curiosity of conspiracy theorists, as many believe that he had accurately predicted events such as the death of John F. Kennedy and the Great Fire of London. With at least three of his predictions coming to life, many are curious about what he has to say about the future.

Nostradamus died in 1566, but his collection of poetic quatrains entitled “Les Propheties,” where he alluded to many events in the future. Now, readers are starting to look at what he foresaw for 2021, and to say they were destructive would be an understatement. Users have taken to Twitter to express their dismay about the predictions, saying that if they thought 2020 was bad, 2021 will be worse.

In one of the French astrologer’s writings, it states “Few young people: half-dead to give a start.” Theorists believe this to mean a zombie apocalypse, which Nostradamus explains will come from a biological weapon created by Russia. According to him, the weapon will create a virus that turns people into zombies and cause the human race to go extinct.

Nostradamus appears to have alluded to the coronavirus pandemic that struck the world in 2020. The pandemic has changed people’s lives, with the idea of “normal” no longer being applicable today. Food insecurity has become a major problem during these difficult times, and the UN believes that it will grow even bigger in the following year. Nostradamus makes a similar claim and says that a famine will also occur in 2021. He further expounds that the size of the famine will be larger than any that the world has ever seen and experienced.

To add to this, the French mystic also predicts that the Earth will be hit by an asteroid, which will lead to several natural disasters. NASA has already been monitoring the skies, especially since November and December saw a few asteroids zipping right past the planet for a close call. More specifically, National Geographic mentions that NASA has been keeping a close eye on about 2,078 asteroids. Technically, an asteroid named 2014 SD224 zipped right past earth on Christmas Day, which raises the question of whether the prediction will prove to be true.

Nostradamus has also predicted other destructive events to take place in 2021, including a larger threat to climate change, greater solar storms, a devastating earthquake that will hit California, American soldiers to get brain chip implants to turn into cyborgs, and many others.

Without a doubt, Nostradamus’ predictions for 2021 almost makes the events of 2020 seem mild. However, we know from experience that the year has been anything but mild, to say the least. Fortunately, many historians have mentioned that Nostradamus’ writings tend to be vague and nonexistent. Thus, it is best not to take his predictions to heart.


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