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Muslim Man Who Celebrates Christmas Due To Lockdown Turns Viral Due To His ‘Observations’

A Muslim man goes viral after pointing out his “observations” after celebrating the first Christmas in his life with his roommates, and the online world cannot get enough of his reactions.

For most people, Christmas is one of the best traditions that celebrate the end of the year. Some even consider it as the most magical season.

You will always find something to love about this occasion.

For one, it is the season to eat plenty of delectable food. It also serves as a gift-giving season and the perfect opportunity to spend more quality time with the people close to their hearts.

But for this year, the celebration may be a little different because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the threat of the virus, the world remains feeling festive and looks forward to celebrating the occasion.

For those who have no idea what Christmas is all about, it is an event celebrated by Christians to mark the birth of Jesus. But due to commercialization, it became a secular event, especially for those living in the West.

Even those who are not practicing Christianity or other religions started to participate in the celebrations.

These people started to join customs like Secret Santa gift-giving or take part in their family’s version of Christmas dinner. It means that it has to turn into a celebration for everyone.

But since the pandemic remains in its full force, numerous individuals have to stay during the holidays. Instead of spending more time with their family, they had to adapt to the situation and start celebrating with whoever they are stuck with at the moment.

One of them is a Muslim man who got to celebrate the first Christmas of his life this year together with his roommates.

During the celebration, Mohammad Hussain opted to provide a little insight into what happens during his experience. He came up with a list of his “observations” for people who may not have experienced celebrating this tradition.

As a brief background, Muslims know and acknowledged the significance of Jesus. He was one of the most important religious figures. However, they do not celebrate his birth like Christians. It is the reason why the findings mentioned by Mohammad becomes popular for other Muslims.

On his Twitter account, Hussain listed eight major observations about the holidays. First, he noted that celebrating the season feels like a part-time job from the middle of November until the last day of December. He also learned that everyone has strong thoughts about their Christmas traditions.

Hussain also noticed that everyone would let you buy a gift for yourself, but you cannot put stuffings for your own Christmas stocking. He also learned that the gift budget usually does not matter. He also learned that there are two types of Christmas ornaments, which are keepers and fillers.

For his sixth observation, he learned that ornaments could get expensive. Then he discovered that the religious aspect of the occasion is not compulsory. Finally, all Christmas party must have a “menu.”

Since becoming viral, Hussain thanked those who appreciate his posts and ask people to donate to organizations that provide meals for families during the holidays.


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