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Meghan Markle’s Last Words As A Royal Revealed

The world was shocked when Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle announced their decision to leave their duties as members of the British monarchy. But the Duchess of Sussex’s final words as a royal cause more controversies.

The couple announced their intentions to resign from being senior royals in early 2020. But scandals continue to hound the couple despite living their lives as regular citizens.

Everyone knows that Markle dealt with difficulties as part of the British royal family since marrying the British prince in 2018 and welcoming their first child, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, in 2019.

Things got even worse for the American actress when her own family, including her father Thomas Markle, continued to be on the British headlines to add fuel to the flames.

The British press, specifically the tabloids, had been very cruel to the Duchess. It could be because she did not exactly fit in the traditional criteria of being a royal partner because of her race and occupation. Aside from being American, she was also divorced from her first marriage. It made the royal fanatics dislike her as Harry’s wife.

Despite the objections of some members of the public, the couple was married at a lavish ceremony in 2018 at the historic Windsor Castle.

The couple appeared to live a happy life together in London’s Frogmore Cottage within Windsor Castle’s Home Park. But the truth is, the Duchess had to endure a tumultuous life due to the continuous attack from the press and the public.

The British media seemed determined to brand Meghan as a villain. They called her a control freak, a diva, a so-called “monarchy ruiner,” and worse, a bad mother.

The attacks prompted the couple to decide to step down from their royal roles. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they plan to raise Archie in a normal setting and planned to spend their time in both the UK and the US.

But despite their bold move, the press continues to attack the former “Suits” star. Some reports claimed that Harry’s relationship with his family got strained because of his decision. The press also reported that his relationship with his brother, Prince William, remains on the rocks because of it.

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, once again made the news her last words as a royal was revealed.

The couple is staying at the house that they purchased at Riven Rock in California. They also managed to launch a biography book and a podcast series together.

Yet, it seems like drama will follow them anywhere they go.

In the book “Finding Freedom,” authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand described the final hours of her royal duty. They said that Markle thanked the staff that took care of them since their marriage. But the statement that caught the public’s attention was when she told the royal staff that things do not have to “be this way.”

The Duchess may have felt that if the British press and other royal bashers did not attack her, she and her family might still be staying in London as royalties at the moment.


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