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Meghan Markle Conveys Touching Speech In First Public Appearance After Miscarriage Announcement

After weeks of silence, Meghan Markle finally broke her silence to deliver one of the most beautiful speeches ever. But based on her speech, the Duchess of Sussex is still emotional about the recent event that happened in her life.

Last month, the wife of Prince Harry revealed that she suffered from a miscarriage early this year.

But after maintaining her silence for some time, the 39-year-old actress made her first appearance on the annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute TV special that aired Sunday.

Markle dealt with plenty of challenges since joining the British royal family. Before her talked-about wedding with Harry in May 2018, she suffered from relentless attacks from the royalists and the British media.

The press blamed her for “breaking up” the British royal family. They also criticized her for being the first person of color to become a part of the royal family.

She was also the most hated royalty. But despite all the criticisms, they chose to keep their silence regarding the impact of the online abuse they received from the faultfinders.

It prompted the couple to decide to step down from their royal duties in January. According to their joint statement, they both want to raise their son Archie in a “normal upbringing.” They also believe that dividing their time in the UK and the US would be ideal for their family.

Currently, the family is spending more time in their home at the Riven Rock estate in Montecito, California.

On November 25, Markle made a shocking announcement when she wrote an article in The New York Times. In the article, she admitted that she had a miscarriage back in July.

Plenty of people were shocked by the revelation since the couple was still publicly visible since July to attend several occasions. Most of which were for the organizations and charities that were special to their hearts.

The Duchess’s revelation touched the hearts of many women worldwide, including those who also suffered a miscarriage.

Both Markle and Prince Harry chose to grieve in silence after the unfortunate incident until the former “Suits” star appeared in the CNN TV special to give tribute to those who were leading the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the special video where Markle appeared in a garden filled with plenty of lavender plants, she offered heartfelt gratitude to those working extra hard to provide food for those in need. She noted that providing warm food for those who cannot afford it due to the pandemic can boost the spirits of those who are deeply affected by today’s difficulties.

According to the Duchess, the world must celebrate these “quiet heroes” for standing up and ensuring that the needy met one of their most basic needs. The actions of these generous people serve as a reminder that there is hope during these trying times.

You may watch the rest of Markel’s moving tribute, hosted by Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa, on CNN Heroes’ social media accounts. It was also attended by other notable personalities like Gal Gadot, Angela Bassett, and Dr. Anthony Fauci.


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