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Leaving the Social Media Life: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

For some people, social media is their lifeline. Never a day goes by without posting anything about their daily activities. Whether it is having a nice drive or posting their favourite meal, they can do anything with social media. While others are addicted to it, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have decided to step away from social media for good.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle put out that they left all of their social media behind on March 20 for a couple of reasons. Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex accumulated 10 million followers on their official Instagram accounts. They are disappointed with social media because of the various “hate” comments they have received.

They were also the talk of the town last January 8, 2020, after “stepping back” from their royal duties. They left the royal family in hopes that they can lead a peaceful life for their family, which was a foreshadowing thing to do since they were also going to leave the social media life in the future.

In October 2020, the Duchess of Sussex did an appearance on a special World Mental Health Day interview for a podcast called “Teenager Therapy.” During the podcast, she discussed how much social media bullying she received for many reasons. She even stated that during 2019, she “was the most trolled person worldwide.”

During those eight months, she was not active on her social media accounts because she was on maternity leave. She also pointed out in an interview that no matter what your age is, when people say untrue things about you, it takes a toll on your mental and emotional health, which is the main reason why she and Harry left social media.

They do not even plan on using social media for their non-profit organization, Archewell. It is a Beverly Hills-based public organization established by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The organization focuses on creative media ventures and non-profit activities.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Now that they left the social media life, what is next for the former royal couple? Last year, they announced that they would leave the “royal” branding on their names behind and hopefully start a new and financially independent life in the United States. However, it may be impossible for them to hide from the public eye because they are the most talked-about couple during 2020.

Harry and Meghan signed multi-year and multimillion deals with Netflix and Spotify, which they planned to use as a platform to create documentaries and podcasts. At least that will not be the last time everyone will see the couple in the media. The last time that people saw them on social media was on March 30. The couple used the @SussexRoyal Instagram account to thank their followers for the support and stay safe during the pandemic.

There have been no updates about whether the Duke and Duchess plan to come back to social media. However, everyone can anticipate their return to entertainment platforms like Netflix and Spotify in 2021.


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