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Joe Biden Delivers First Public Speech After Winning The Presidential Election

President-elect Joe Biden made his first public address after winning the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Speaking in front of a crowd in Wilmington, Delaware, the Democratic Party bet almost ran to the stage before he declared his first presidential speech after the introduction made by vice-president elect Kamala Harris.

Scroll through the article to know what transpired during the event.

Biden was declared the winner after all the major US networks call Pennsylvania in favor of Biden. It means that he has more votes than the required 270 electoral votes to win the election.

His Pennsylvania win earned him a total of 274 votes.

He is now the projected winner of the election.

The victory became major news all over the country and the world, and many people are looking forward to seeing Trump’s expected reaction.

The incumbent President naturally turn to Twitter to express his opinion on his opponent’s win.

Knowing Trump, he is never the one to mince words in his opinions.

But before discussing Trump’s posts, here are some of the most recent events that happened before Biden’s election victory…

Pro-Trump supporters flocked to Detroit’s vote-tallying facility.

Since the Republican bet and re-electionist declared on Twitter to “stop the vote,” his supporters gathered in the counting center to reiterate the President’s order.

The center’s security staff refused entry to more poll watchers who want to gain access to the counting center. It prompted the Republican camp to believe that having no room access will make the Democrats dominate the counting process. But the Democrats were also prohibited from entering the room as well.

The US aviation team declared Biden’s location as a “national defense airspace.”

The president-elect’s house in Wilmington and another location in the city was declared as a no-fly zone.

Trump turned to Twitter to order the stopping of the vote-counting process two days after the election.

In a series of tweets, Trump claimed that all votes that arrived after Tuesday’s election must not be included in the count.

However, Twitter declared that his tweet is disputed and misleading.

Trump’s camp was fast to file lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan regarding the alleged electoral fraud. But both states dismissed the charges.

After a series of events, Pennsylvania declared on Friday that Biden took over Trump’s lead. It means that he won the 20 electoral votes.

Trump immediately expressed his disdain in the turn of events and mentioned that Philadelphia has historically questionable election integrity.

On the other hand, Georgia’s secretary of state declared in a conference that they would hold a recount due to Biden’s narrow lead against the President.

The news was announced before the first counting was over.

Trump continued his rants that the votes counted were illegal, and he won the election despite Biden’s lead in the key swing states.

On November 7, MSNBC already projected Biden as the president-elect. It also made California Senator Kamala Harris, the first-ever female vice president of the country.

Harris is also the first person of color to get the second-highest political position in the US.

Shortly after the declaration, Trump made a public statement saying that the election is still far from over. He also claimed that Biden is not yet certified as the winner of any states, especially the battleground states like Pennsylvania.

He also vowed to file cases to make sure that the rightful winner will get the White House position.

Biden also broke his silence after the projection’s announcement, saying that he is deeply honored that the country chose him to be the new leader. His granddaughter Naomi also posted a photo on Twitter, showing him and all the grandkids hugging each other after the election.

NBC also reported the Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, were out in their backyard when the news broke out. They allegedly heard some applause coming from their home.

On November 8, the president-elect addressed the nation for the first time. He asked all Americans for unity and called out Trump’s supporters to give him a chance. He also said that now is the time for America to heal.

Harris also made her speech during the event. She honored all the Black women in the country and acknowledged being the first in history to become a lady vice president. She also believes that she will not be the last one to get the position.

Biden and Harris will have their Inauguration Day on January 20, 2021.


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