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Greta Thunberg Vows Not To Buy New Clothes Ever Again

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg dominated headlines for her passionate advocacy to save the environment in 2018. But today, she once again made the news for saying that she will never purchase any new clothes anymore.

Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist, first earned recognition when she won an essay writing competition under a Swedish newspaper in May 2018, saying that she “want to feel safe” but cannot do so because she knew that the world is dealing with the “greatest crisis” in the history of humanity.

According to the Paris Agreement guidelines, she also refused to attend her ninth-grade class until the Swedish government acted to lessen the country’s carbon emissions. She protested every day outside the Riksdag for three weeks.

She also posted photos of her strike on her social media accounts, which other environmental activists quickly picked up. It led to getting international coverage. Since then, she has received plenty of invitations for public speaking.

During her appearance at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) in 2018, her brave declarations that the world leaders present during the event were not “mature enough” to accept the severity of the situation as it becomes viral.

Because of her passion for climate change, Thunberg has become a household name. She also encouraged millions of people worldwide to go to the streets to fight against environmental problems.

After her UN speech, she became one of the nominees for the Nobel Peace Price in 2019 and was declared as TIME’s Person of the Year at the same time.

She also inspires millions to save the planet and live a more sustainable life every day.

Just recently, she became part of the headlines again after getting involved in US politics. Since Joe Biden won the highly divisive US Presidential elections, the teenage activist could not be happier to see the end of Donald Trump’s regime.

In the past, Thunberg was very vocal about her disagreement with Trump’s policies regarding climate change, including his controversial decision to pull out of the essential Paris Climate Agreement.

Now that Biden will finally take over starting January 20, 2021, the teenage climate activist claimed that she is thrilled to see the US reinstating its participation with the Paris Agreement. In an interview with CNN, she also explained that more world leaders must begin to create the ongoing climate crisis as an actual crisis.

Now, the young activist made another controversial statement. This time, it has something to do with fashion.

In a recent interview with Sunday Times while celebrating her 18th birthday on Sunday, January 3, Thunberg never needed new clothes. She asks some people if she can borrow clothes or ask them for pieces they do not need or wear anymore. If she really needs something, she would rather buy second-hand pieces instead of new ones.

However, she was not asking everyone to follow her ways regarding her fashion decisions.

Thunberg said that she wants to walk her talk to avoid criticisms about not practicing her advocacy in her life choices.


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