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Greta Thunberg Advices Donald Trump To Fix His Anger Management

Young activist Greta Thunberg had several stern words for US President Donald Trump after another rage-filled Twitter rant.

As you know, Trump is feeling a little pressure at the moment.

Only five states are left to count their ballots and ultimately determine if he will retain his seat at the White House or be replaced by Democratic candidate Joe Biden. It makes him understandable to feel on edge.

As expected, he became very vocal about his anxiousness.

The agitated president turned to Twitter multiple times after Tuesday’s election to castigate the counting process and accuse Biden of election fraud. He also tried to stop the counting of the ballots.

However, not a lot of people are still surprised by Trump’s historical response…

There is one public figure who appeared to be less impressed than most people.

That person is Greta Thunberg, who did not mince words in weighing in on Trump’s current dilemma.

The teenage environmental activist, who previously got a beating from Trump in the past, also turned to Twitter to deliberately put him back in his place.

Like her previous speeches, Thunberg did not hold back her opinion about Trump’s social media meltdown.

Previously, the Swedish climate change advocate got the public’s interest in topics other than her honest yet harsh treatment of world leaders…

Due to her very passionate activism, she managed to make her name known all over the world.

But where did she started?

In August 2018, then 15-year-old Thunberg chose to skip school to camp out in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. She brought with her a simple sign that said: “Skolstrejk För Klimatet.” When directly translated, it means “School Strike for Climate” in the English language.

She sat in front of her country’s highest officials for three weeks to hold her silent protest alone…

She even promised not to move until the Swedish government do something about the ongoing climate change crisis.

It did not take long for them to get her message.

Especially since her picture started to become viral on social media…

Because of her, millions of people became inspired.

In one year, her message spread around the world like wildfire…

Numerous people all over the world imitated her fight. They went to the streets to express their fight against the worsening climate change.

It also became a whirlwind time for the young activist.

She went to a lot of protests and marches all over the world. She was even asked to attend the UN Climate Conference in New York. To get to the event, she rode a zero-emissions boat.

She also went viral for her damning speech during the conference…

She ranted against politicians and world leaders for their dismal action on the climate change problem.

In her speech, the fiery young activist blamed the leaders for making her miss her school and going all the way from Sweden for her cause.

But fast forward to 2020…

Thunberg is already a staple name all over the world.

She was even nominated to get the Nobel Peace Prize last year…

And earned the recognitions as TIME’s Person of the Year in 2019.

She also became very famous for her steadfast commitment to saving the planet and inspiring more people to start living sustainably all the time.

Now, she made the headlines again, but for a completely different reason.

This time, she made herself involved in the complicated world of American politics.

The world is very much aware of Election Day in the US that took place on Tuesday.

As of Thursday night, the nation and the rest of the world are still waiting for the results, so tensions are still running high in the country.

There is a very close fight between the two candidates…

But it seems like Biden would win this fight.

Because of this, Trump continuously uses his social media account to unleash his anger.

He even accused Biden’s camp of cheating.

Trump also badmouthed the Democrats and the entire voting system. It prompted the microblogging site to flag his posts as disputed and misleading.

He also angrily tweeted that the election workers must stop counting the votes…

That is when Thunberg chose to give her piece.

After retweeting Trump’s post, she said that the current president is ridiculous. She also advised that he take care of his Anger Management problem and then watch a good movie with a friend. She also chided him to “chill.”

She cleverly used Trump’s tweet about her when she went viral last year…

It was a great way to get back at the person who tried to ridicule you, right?


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