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Ex-Israeli Space Security Chief Claims Extraterrestrials Exist, And Trump Knows It

A former space security chief from Israel controversially said that people from Earth had been communicating with extraterrestrials living in a “galactic federation.”

Haim Eshed, a former chief of the Defense Ministry of Israel’s space directorate, told the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot that the “Unidentified Flying Objects” requested not to publicize their interaction with humanity because the world is not yet ready. The interview ran on Friday, but it started getting more traction on Tuesday after the Jerusalem Post translated some parts of the Hebrew interview into English.

Eshed, a retired general and reputable professor, also claimed that the aliens were also curious about the human race and were out to learn how the universe works.

He also mentioned that both the Earth and the galactic federation made cooperation agreements, including the establishment of an underground base located in Mars, where there are representatives composed of aliens and American astronauts. Eshed said that the aliens want humans to help them in their quest of understanding the “fabric of the universe.”

The former Israeli space security head also revealed that US President Donald Trump was informed about the extraterrestrials’ existence and planned to reveal the information, but he was stopped from doing so to avoid “mass hysteria.”

According to Eshed, the aliens are still waiting for humans to reach the stage where they fully understand what space and spacecraft are.

Both the Israeli officials and the White House did not provide an immediate response to Eshed’s claims. Pentagon’s spokesperson Sue Gough also declined to comment.

President Trump is also mum about the controversial statement of the former Israel space defense official.

Meanwhile, a NASA representative mentioned that one of the primary goals of the agency was to look for other life in space, but they have yet to look for signs of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

According to the representative, NASA is currently exploring the entire solar system to look for answers to important questions to determine if humanity is really alone in the universe.

When asked why he decided to disclose the information, Eshed reportedly noted that he would have been confined in a hospital if he revealed the information five years ago. He claimed that each time he talked about it in the academe, everyone thinks that he has completely lost his mind. But since most people are more open about it.

Also, Eshed believes that he already has nothing to lose since he got all his awards and degrees. He also got the respect of the universities internationally, where the trend about extraterrestrials is changing.

Because of this information, plenty of UFO watchers around the world would rejoice at the thought that their longstanding belief about the existence of life outside the Earth is right all along. They would only need to wait until the authorities verify the information.

Eshed’s full ideas are stated in the book titled “The Universe Beyond the Horizon – conversations with Professor Haim Eshed,” written by Hagar Yanai. The book was published and released in November.


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