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Entire School Board Gets the Ax After Members Were Caught Online Criticizing Parents

Without a doubt, the California school board fiasco is one of the most shocking stories of the year so far. It is staggering news that an entire school board in Oakley, California, has resigned after members were caught online brutally criticizing and even mocking parents who had to homeschool their children. Some of the things these members said were simply unbelievable. The reason is, many of the parents can agree.

The past year has been a formidable challenge, to say at the very least.

Numerous children numbering millions who typically attend school suddenly found themselves forced into homeschooling every day. No less done by their parents, which is a big yikes.

Of course, this the least ideal setup for many parents busy with their careers. The prospect of having to handle both their employment and the education of their kids is a daunting task for many parents who already have numerous tasks to do.

However, despite this, many dedicated parents have taken up the role of a teacher as well. Because in the end, kids are considered to be worth it.

Homeschooling children isn’t easy.

Parents will be the first to admit that they were extremely eager for children to return to school. Parenting is a full-time job.

Unless you are not a parent yourself, you probably will never understand child-raising responsibilities and requirements.

However, it seems that the members of the board in charge of elementary and middle schools in Oakley, California, are quite clueless and don’t see it from a parent’s point of view.

The words that have been thrown were genuinely shocking. Of course, these shocking words have appalled so many parents who have been working so hard.

California school board fiasco

Meeting of the board

On the 17th of February, the Oakley Unified Elementary School District Board of Trustees asked parents to join an online meeting.

However, since members were speaking to each other as parents were already logged on, there was a slight hitch. Board members didn’t realize that they didn’t mute the button.

In the entire 2 minutes, the members of the board went on to Savage the parents of the school district.

They were heard by parents mockingly saying that they wanted teachers and children back in school so they could have their babysitters back. They also went on to say that parents could go on smoking marijuana instead of taking care of their children.

The response to these allegations was swift and furious. It was a reminder of the rage and anguish numerous parents feel since school closures dragged on to spring.

Numerous parents, numbering in the thousands, all signed the petition calling to remove all four board members who were heard laughing and mocking the parents.

Oakley’s mayor announced that she has no jurisdiction over the Oakley Union Elementary School District. But she called on members to resign, according to the news.

More than 7000 people have signed the petition, and currently, it seems as if the people’s persistence has paid off.

Finally, on February 19, it was announced that all four members included the president, had resigned from the Board of Trustees.


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