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Dr. Jill Biden Vows To Continue Teaching Even After Becoming First Lady

Dr. Jill Biden continues to make more headlines than ever, especially after talking about her plans once she starts her term as the next First Lady of the United States.

Jill, the wife of President-elect Joe Biden, had been a constant companion of his husband since the first day of his political career. Yet, she still managed to get some amazing accomplishments by herself.

While Joe’s term at the White House will begin on January 20, 2021, Jill already had her share of several insulting remarks. But the gracious former Second Lady of the United States showed that she could deal with them in the most mature way possible.

After the declaration of Joe’s win, the upcoming First Lady congratulated her husband and shared a photo of them taken in their house in Delaware on Twitter. In her caption, she said that her husband would be a president for all American families.

Plenty of people started to express their positive views about the “normality” of the photo. They noted the slightly worn-out couch, family pictures, small knickknacks, and books featured in the background. They believe that it showed a glimpse of the usual life of the couple that live just like any regular American family.

Upcoming FLOTUS Jill Biden, together with family dogs Major and Champ, showed their support to Joe Biden during the US election.

Others noted that they look entirely different from the Trump couple, who will be leaving the White House as soon as Donald Trump’s term comes to a close.

In a previous interview with CBS Sunday Morning that came out in August 2020, the upcoming First Lady talked about how the White House will look during Biden’s term.

Jill, who is presently working as a full-time English professor at the Northern Virginia Community College, said that she would continue teaching despite being the nation’s leader’s wife. She claimed that she wants people to value the teachers and acknowledge their contributions to society. She also said that she aims to lift the profession.

The mother of three also shared that she intends to advocate for free tuition in community colleges, cancer research funding, and support for military households, like what she did when she was still the second lady.

Her declaration about continuing to work made more people thrilled. Some even said that more people would want to be part of her class. Others said that students would be proud to call her their teacher.

During Sunday’s interview with CBS, Jill further discussed her plans to continue teaching while being a FLOTUS. She had been teaching for 36 years, and it seemed like she has no plans of retiring anytime soon.

In a previous interview with PEOPLE after starting her new job at the Northern Virginia Community College as an English professor in 2009, she said she enjoys doing what she loves while her husband starts his role as the vice president under former US President Barack Obama.

Joe also credited his wife for some of his most crucial decisions, including choosing a female running mate. In the end, he chose Kamala Harris as his vice president.


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