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24-Year-Old Woman Posts Suicide Note on Instagram Profile a Day After Taking her Life

A woman scheduled an Instagram post to go live on her account 24 hours after taking her life. The woman was identified to be 24-year-old Yocheved Gourarie from Brooklyn who died after jumping from the Vessel in Brooklyn’s Hudson Yards. The suicide note appeared on her Instagram profile a day after the incident, and it came with a warning telling readers to sit down before proceeding.

The first line of the note read “If you’re reading this, I’m gone.” Gourarie then addressed her parents, stating that she did not want to hurt them in any way. She did not divulge the details as to why she decided to take her life, but mentioned that she had also scheduled a note to send to her parents. Her father then responded to the post, thanking people for their kind words and support during this difficult time. He said he may discuss some of the private emails from his daughter in a Zoom meeting after the shiva.

A few days after Gourarie’s post went live, her father posted a photo with his daughter on his Instagram profile. He talked about how they connected through music, and how she had supported him through his ups and downs.

Gourarie has been open about her ongoing struggles and battles with mental health. Social media has served as a platform for her journey, where she would constantly write about what she was going through. Last year, she talked about depression and how it had been a part of her life for as long as she could remember. She also discussed her struggles and experiences with anorexia and how difficult it was to disrupt what seemed to be the “core of her being.”

In one post, Gourarie explained that she had been battling anorexia nervosa since the age of 12 and began treatment at 17. She admitted to how the condition’s grip on her has become looser now that she has a better understanding of what she is going through. She further mentioned that she was immensely blessed to have a support system who is with her every step of the way.

Before Gourarie’s father posted the picture with his daughter, he shared a photo of a puppy. According to him, he would send his daughter pictures of dogs daily while she was having treatment at an eating disorder clinic. He went on to describe his daughter as the cutest, prettiest, and kindest pup that any father could ask and hope for.

While Gourarie did not got into detail in her suicide note, she mentioned that there were certainly more than thirteen reasons as to why she is gone. She considered the note to be her last mark in the world, and even through her struggles, she would always acknowledge the people who would support and encourage her all throughout her journey.

Rest in peace, Yocheved Gourarie. Our prayers and thoughts go to your family and friends during this difficult and heartbreaking time.


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