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UFC Women’s Champ Amanda Nunes Agrees To Knock Out Jake Paul

Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul is once again on the hot seat for publicly dissing UFC legend Conor McGregor. Based on the recent turn of events, the social media influencer-turned-boxer picked the wrong fight since other mixed martial art stars like Amanda Nunes are willing to step up to defend McGregor’s honor.

Paul, who currently has 20.3 million subscribers on YouTube, is no stranger to public ire. Some people even think of him as a “jerk” and “arrogant.”

His unfavorable antics first made headlines in 2017, when he only had 8.5 million subscribers. His neighbors in Los Angeles’s Beverly Grove neighborhood met with the police officials and city council members to complain about the noise and disturbances in their area after Paul announced his home address to his fans.

Instead of apologizing, Paul mocked a reporter who was interviewing him at that time. He also noted that the neighbors just hate him. He also turned to Twitter to call out those who were complaining against him, saying that there are bigger issues to talk about than wasting their time on him.

He also had controversial beef with other popular YouTubers like PewDiePie and his older brother and Logan Paul. But the altercation between the latter was not picked up by the public because both have a negative reputation.

Besides picking up fights, Paul also got in trouble with the law in July 2020 when he threw a large party in his Calabasas home despite the COVID-19 restrictions. Then just last month, Paul made controversial statements about the pandemic, saying that 98% of the news about it is a hoax and incorrectly said that regular flu killed as much as the virus.

Aside from his YouTube career, Jake Paul also wants to venture into professional mixed martial arts fighter. For his first fight, Paul becomes very ambitious when he called out one of the leading Ultimate Fighting Championship champions, Conor McGregor.

In a statement, Paul claimed that his team is trying to negotiate with McGregor’s manager. He also claimed that no other popular fighter like him would call out McGregor for a fight.

Paul also said that his dogs have more social media followers than Donald Cerrone, the MMA fighter who fought McGregor in January 2020.

But it seemed like McGregor’s camp and UFC head Dana White has no intentions to respond to Paul’s call, which is why he continued to trash talk them and said that McGregor was only scared to lose to a YouTuber.

The 23-year-old YouTube star also lashed out at White, saying that the UFC boss is a coward.

But White did not take his insults sitting down. In a statement, he said that UFC women’s champ Amanda Nunes could fight him instead.

Nunes stepped in and said that she is willing to beat Paul anytime. Since she is considered as one of the greatest female MMA fighters in history, UFC fans claimed that they are willing to spend money to see Paul get knocked off by a female fighter to put him in his place.


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