Times The Simpsons Accurately Predicted the Future

By: Kate Row | Last updated: Jul 24, 2023

The Simpsons is one of the longest running adult animated series, first airing in 1989. In addition to being hysterical the show has a way of predicting the future that no one can explain. 

Many scenes in the show happened later in the real world! They do say life imitates art, right? Here are some of the most insane and haunting predictions that The Simpsons has made that ended up coming true.

Khaleesi Goes Crazy

Sorry for the spoiler alert but if you haven’t already watched the Game of Thrones finale, you’re a little late to the game. In 2017, the Simpsons did a parody of the show where the dragons burn down an entire village.



Two years later, when the final season of Game of Thrones aired, almost the exact scene took place. Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons scorch an entire village of innocent people as she descends into madness.

Ferrets Dressed as Poodles

This one is so weird it feels like it couldn’t possibly be true. Who could think this up as a show idea and how could it possibly have also happened in real life? In 2002, an episode of The Simpsons revolved around a criminal who glues cotton calls to ferrets.



He was then selling them as expensive toy poodles. In an unbelievable turn of events, in 2013 the same thing happened! Perhaps the man selling the ferrets got the idea from watching the show.

3-Eyed Fish

In one of the oldest episodes, Lisa and Bart go fishing near a nuclear power plant. They catch an unusual fish that seems to have been affected by the radiation. The bizarre catch has three eyes.



You’ll never guess what happened about 20 years later. An actual three-eyed fish was found and caught in Argentina. Plus, it was found right next to a nuclear power plant!

A Shocking Olympic Win

Whoever writes this show should get a gig as a psychic or start placing bets on games because their ability to basically tell the future is astonishing! An episode from 2010 stars Marge and Homer on the U.S. Olympic Team for an unlikely sport: Curling.



To the surprise of most people, the U.S. curling teams actually won the gold in 2018. It was their first gold and they even won against Sweden, which is the country the Simpsons competed against in the episode. Eerie!

Fox Being Sold to Disney

Somehow, the show even managed to predict an enormous corporate merge between two of the biggest media companies of all time. In the episode, Homer writes a script that gets picked up by 20th Century Fox.


For whatever reason, they made Fox be a division of Disney without explanation. Sure enough, in 2017 20th Century Fox was sold to Disney for a whopping $52.4 billion!


Predicting a Nobel Prize Winner

The kids in The Simpsons have betting pools for who will be the next Nobel Prize Winner instead of betting pools for sports teams. In some inexplicable way, they predicted a future winner and the category he would win in!


6 years after the episode aired, Bengt Holmstrom won the prize in the category of Economics. You can see that he was on the card in that exact category in the show.


The Shard Skyscraper

A 1995 episode took place 15 years in the future in London. The London skyline features the famed Big Ben but it also displays something that wasn’t built until many years later. That pointy black building was certainly not there in the 90s.


In fact, the Shard, which is the black pointed building featured in the 1995 episode, was not built until 2013. Not only does it look exactly like the one in The Simpsons but it’s in the same exact spot as well.


The Baby Translator

The show has predicted more than events and discoveries. They have also predicted technological advancements. A 1992 episode features a “baby translator” device to understand Maggie.


In 2015 an eerily similar device came out in the form of an app. Apparently, it could help translate babies’ cries to understand what they needed: food, diaper change, sleep, etc.


Richard Branson’s Space Exploration

In a 2014 episode an art forger tells Lisa stories about the famous people who have enjoyed his art. One of which was Richard Branson. In the clip, Branson is floating in his spaceship admiring the art piece. 


Oddly enough, the billionaire did actually partake in a space trip in 2021 on his very own test flight. When will the predictions cease?


Sequels Prediction

The Simpsons made a spoof episode about the crazy amounts of sequels that are coming to theaters. In the episode, they display a Star Wars 7 poster alongside a Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 movie poster.


In a hysterical turn of events, similar sequels came out at the exact same time in 2015. The only difference was, of course, the titles.


The Soccer Corruption Controversy + A Soccer Win

In this 2014 episode, The Simpsons hit us with a double whammy prediction that is really hard to believe. The episode follows Homer who is trying to help the World Football Federation recover from the many scandals that had fallen on the league due to corruption rumors.


Only 1 year later, FIFA gained lots of negative publicity for all the same reasons. If that weren’t enough, they also predicted that Germany would beat Brazil in the 2014 World Cup. Unbelievable!


Lots and Lots of Super Bowl Winners

Perhaps Lisa is the one behind all of these amazing future predictions because in a 1992 episode, they reveal that she has a special ability to guess NFL game winners. Naturally, Homer started using her to win games. 


One of her predictions was that the Washington Redskins would win the Super Bowl, which they did in real life. Then, they remixed the episode to say that the Dallas Cowboys would win before another Super Bowl game, which they also did.


The Censoring of Michelangelo's David

A 1990 episode of the show was all about censorship in which Marge tries to get a cartoon censored. While this is happening, the other citizens are working to get Muchaelangelo’s David statue covered up.


Much later, in 2016 this became true in real life as well. Residents of Saint Petersburg, Russia took a vote to establish whether David should be more covered up than he is.


The “Tomacco” Plant

In an earlier episode Homer uses nuclear energy to breed a new plant hybrid called “tomacco” which was naturally a tobacco and tomato hybrid. The plant ended up making him a fortune.


A fan decided to make this plant that was the exact same hybrid. We must admit this isn’t as much of a prediction as it is a dedicated fan making the animated show come to life. But, it’s fascinating to see the show’s influence nonetheless.


Siegfried and Roy Being Attacked By Their Own Animal

This sinister moment between Siegfried and Roy and their own trained animal actually happened in real life. In a 1993 episode, Homer goes to Vegas with a friend to see a performance of two Germans and a white tiger.


One of the performers gets injured by the tiger in an eerily similar way to Roy and Siegfried in real life. Apparently, the producers thought the accident was “bound to happen” at one point.


The Name Change and Location Change of a Baseball Team

This is one of those “life imitates art” moments. In a The Simpsons episode aired in 2001, Homer goes on a hunger strike to protest his favorite minor league baseball team, The Isotopes, moving to New Mexico.


The Calgary Cannons moved to the same city in New Mexico and changed their name to The Isotopes. You will find statues of the lead characters from The Simpsons in the stadium.


Wrong Beatles Member

The show made an interesting prediction about a Beatles member answering fan mail 50 years after the fact. In the show it was Ringo Starr who is sifting through tons of fan mail and promising to answer each one even if it takes him 20 years.


They got part of this right in that a member of the band did start answering mail, but it was Sir Paul McCartney, not Ringo Starr. 


The Missing Submersible

The show even predicted that the submersible would go missing on an expedition to the Titanic wreckage. Way back in 2006 in an episode called “Homer’s Paternity Coot’, Homer’s long-lost father comes into the picture to bring Homer on an underwater treasure hunt. The two venture to the bottom of the ocean where there is a shipwreck and a treasure chest. Homer gets himself stuck in the process.

Source: Reddit

Fast forward 17 years and the submersible known as the Titan goes missing in an exploration mission of the Titanic shipwreck. 5 members are on board and 2 of which are a father/son pair. The spookiest part is that the writers of The Simpsons even predicted the low oxygen levels.


Predicting Lady Gaga’s Performance

Lady Gaga actually voiced herself on a 2012 episode of the show where she visits Springfield to perform. They had the animated singer suspended above the ground in an animated version of one of her famous ensembles. 


Then later, in 2017 the singer performed at the Super Bowl halftime show attached to cables that looked exactly like the ones in the show. Coincidence? I think not. It was the first time she had done this kind of performance.


Pushing Limits at the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Conan O’Brien wrote an episode in season four revolving around Homer and his seemingly bottomless pit of a stomach. He gets kicked out of the restaurant for literally eating everything there and then sues the “all-you-can-eat buffet” for false advertising.


This same thing happened twice in real life where people took buffest like the one in the show to court for not satisfying their needs.


FaceTime in 1995

In an episode filmed way back in the mid 90s, Lisa and Marge are talking on what they called a “picture phone”. It looked an awful lot like something that we all are familiar with using today.


Little did the show know that they had predicted the earliest versions of “Facetime” with this episode. Or, maybe Steve Jobs and the other moguls all got their business ideas from the show.


The Apple Watch

The Simpsons weren’t the only show to think of smart watches before they were actually invented, but they were able to predict specific features of these devices. In an episode from 1995, the show flashes forward to 2010.


Lisa’s boyfriend proposes to her by speaking into a watch that appears to be an awful lot like the apple watches we see all around us today. In 2014 the first smartwatch with a voice commands feature was released.


Civilians in Space

Today, people going up into space are becoming almost normalized! It seems like we hear about a new space journey funded by a new billionaire almost everyday. But, when this episode where Homer is sent into space came out, civilians being able to go to space was nothing but a hopeful notion.


After the episode aired where Homer takes his outer space adventure, NASA sent their first civilian up into space. At this point we shouldn’t even be surprised.


Autocorrect Before Autocorrect Was a Thing

In 1994, characters Kearney and Dolph tried to write a memo saying “bear up Martin” but it was changed to say “Eat up Martha”. This was before we had the autocorrect feature that we all use today.


The former director of engineering at Apple even said that they were going to use the phrase “Eat up Martha” as a nod to the show’s prediction of autocorrection. The Simpsons influence is unmatched!


JCPenny Failing

The show was able to predict many moments that we can laugh at but they also predicted some rather sad things as well. While all their jokes were in the name of parody and comedy, some of the predictions that came true were harsh.


JCPenny did actually somewhat collapse and declare bankruptcy in 2020. In the episode, Marge notices that a place where a man is selling Persian CDs used to be a JCPenny store.


They Predicted the Queen’s Passing (Or Did They?)

In this special instance, fans of The Simpsons pulled one over on all of us. At this point, many people are aware of their seemingly psychic abilities. When Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September of 2022, images started to make their way across the internet that suggested the show had predicted her passing.


Some of these images even claimed that the show predicted the date of her passing. While The Simpsons show creatives obviously have a special way of seeing into the future but in this case all of these claims regarding the Queen were actually false.


Don Mattingly’s Hair

Mr. Burns creates a softball team in a 1992 episode. He recruits the Yankees first baseman, Don Mattingly to the team but the two run into issues. Mr. Burns demands that Mattingly shave his sideburns but when he does, he is still kicked off the team.


In real life, the same kind of situation happened in which Mattingly was benched due to his refusal to follow the “hair policy”. The episode came out after the real life incident but it was produced before Mattingly was actually benched.


The Donut Theory

A 1999 episode follows Homer and Stephen Hawking in which the character is voiced by the real life theoretical physicist. Homer shares his donut-shaped universe theory with Hawking.


Stephen Hawking says that he supports Homer’s theory in the episode and that he might actually steal it. Oddly enough, there is actually a conspiracy theory that the earth is shaped like a donut.


How a Boring Game Became Real Life Successful

An episode all the way back in 1998 Lisa and Bart beg their parents to let them play this new yard work simulation game. In the show it was just about as boring as it sounds.


But, in 2009 the game FarmVille launched and it quickly became one of the most popular games on social media. It seemed unlikely that a game with this premise would be so popular, but The Simpsons had it right once again.


Homer Predicts a Complicated Equation

This one leaves us speechless as to how the creators made this wild prediction. Homer becomes an inventor and writes a complicated equation on the blackboard. This equation might look like nothing special to us.


But, it turns out this equation is very close to the Higgs boson particle mass, which was not discovered until 2012. This equation explains how everything in the universe has mass. We can’t explain how they made this one happen.


Donald Trump’s Presidency

One of the most famous predictions the show ever made was the presidency of Donal Trump. In an episode where Marge runs for President, she makes a comment: “We inherited the budget crunch from President Trump”.

Source: Twitter

It was a reference to when he ran as a Reform Party candidate. But when he was elected in 2016, the prediction became much more real! Interestingly, the show predicted that he would run in 2024 as well.


Stealing Cooking Grease to Make Some Money

Homer falls prey to many “get rich quick” schemes throughout the show. One of these involves him stealing cooking grease from places around town and selling it to turn a profit.

Source: Grub Street

Whether delinquents had the same silly idea as Homer or they were actually inspired by the show is unclear. However, there were people around New York actually doing the same process to try to make a quick buck.


The Ebola Outbreak

In a 1990 episode of The Simpsons, Marge is trying to cheer up her husband by reading him a book. The story is titled “Curious George and the Ebola Virus”.

Source: Daily Mail

While the Ebola Virus existed before this episode aired, the major outbreak didn’t happen until 2014 and 2015. 


Horse Meat in Food

This is one that we wish wasn’t a real prediction at all but it did in fact come true years after it appeared on the show. In an episode, Lunchlady Doris is seen adding horse meat to the Elementary School lunches.

Source: pinterest

Unfortunately, this dark prediction came true in real life in 2013. Health officials found horse meat in many beef products. Yuck!


A Gorey Billboard

The show within the show, “Itchy and Scratchy” features pretty graphic tones. In line with this theme, The Simpsons used a bloody billboard to promote their first movie: Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie. 

Source: Reddit

In 2008, the iconic Kill Bill Vol. 1 billboard graced the streets. Both feature blood spatters all over the pavement. At this point, we just can’t help but think The Simpsons showrunners know something we don’t.


Good Old “Whacking Day”

The infamous “Whacking Day” made its way onto the show. This holiday in the Simpsons universe involved getting rid of as many snakes as possible.

Source: sporcle

The real-life version of this holiday is known as The Python Challenge and it is held in the Florida Everglades in an effort to reduce the population of Burmese pythons since they are a threat to much of the wildlife.


The Matrix 4 Premiere

A 2004 episode perfectly predicted the Matrix 4 premiere poster. The poster in The Simpsons episode featured Keanu Reeves as Neo with a Santa hat on for a movie called “A Matrix Christmas”.

Source: comicbook

In the real poster, Neo wasn’t sporting a Santa hat as we’d hoped, but other than that aspect the poster is almost exactly the same. 


The Murder Hornets

In an episode called “Marge in Chains” The Simpsons made another uncanny prediction related to a major world event. In the show, a group of people accidentally knocked over a truck that held a huge box of “killer bees”.

Source: decider

Around the year 2020, there was an outbreak of the Asian Giant Hornet, which appeared to be a kind of “killer bee”. The Asian Giant Hornet was a threat to the bee population in the U.S. Are The Simpsons to blame?


Tom Hanks Bringing Some Hope Back to the U.S.

When The Simpsons made its way onto the big screen in 2007 they began making accurate predictions in The Simpsons Movie as well. Tom Hanks makes an appearance in the movie to help the U.S. gain some credibility back.

Source: decider

Munich later, in 2022, Hanks actually appeared in a real commercial where he described the determination of Americans as they began rebuilding the economy which was impacted so deeply by the pandemic.


The Spying Scandal

Another prediction made in The Simpsons Movie involved the huge NSA spying scandal that involved Edward Snowden in 2013. Back in 2007, the movie followed the Simpson family as they escape from the EPA biodome in Springfield. 

Source: Youtube

But, the NSA tracks them down by listening to their conversations. Six years later we saw Edward Snowden plastered all over the news about being the whistle blower regarding the surveillance.


Vice President Kamala Harris

Way back in 2000 the writers made another prediction that some people think might just be a happy coincidence. Others are convinced it’s another accurate vision into what occurred in the Presidential election in 2021.

Source: Pinterest

In the episode that aired in 2000, where they perfectly predicted Harris’s purple outfit down to the jewelry. Seems a little too accurate to be coincidence.


The iPod

It might seem outdated now, but at a time the first generation iPod was all the rage. This set the stage for the iPhones we carry our music around on today.

Source: Reddit

It was 5 years before Apple announced the first iPod that this episode aired with a device that almost perfectly resembles the device. It was similar in design as well as use.


Financial Crisis in Greece

In an episode in 2012 called “Politically Inept With Homer Simpson”, Homer makes an appearance on a news show. On the show within the show a headline reads: “Europe puts Greece on eBay”.

Source: The Simpsons

Of course, Europe didn’t actually sell the entire country on eBay, but in 2015, Greece did enter a large scale debt crisis. It was the first developed country to do so.



One of the things that many fans of the show cannot wrap their heads around was this nod to cryptocurrency. In an old episode they give a subtle nod to the meme crypto coin called “Shiba Inu Coin”.

Source: The Simpsons

In 2022, the price of this cryptocoin skyrocketed, as the show had predicted in jest. It seems different nods to cryptocurrencies have been made throughout many episodes of the show.


Legalizing Cannabis in Canada

In 2018, Canada legalized the use of cannabis. But way back in 2005, it seems the writers of The Simpsons already had a feeling this would be the case.

Source: Youtube

In the episode, Homer, Ned, and Apu take a trip to Winnepeg where they meet Ned’s Canadian twin. The man offers them a ‘puff of the reeferino’, and tells them it’s perfectly legal in Canada.


The Hovering Car

While this prediction hasn’t come true just yet, it’s well on it’s way. An early episode featured Homer and Bart in what they called a “Hover Car”.

Source: Fox

This vehicle called “Float” could move anywhere without turning. Interestingly, a similar idea is being applied to new Tesla vehicles. Although we haven’t seen it yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw these flying around in the next few years.


Elon Musk Buying Twitter

Lots of fans believe that The Simpsons actually predicted Elon Musk purchasing the Twitter platform in 2022.

Source: Hindustan Times

The episode features Elon Musk in a spaceship and is called “The Musk Who Feel to Earth”. In a subtle nod to the Twitter connection, Lisa feeds birds in a bird house that says “Home Tweet Home”.


Lisa Simpson as Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg has become the young face of the movement to protect the Earth and save our environment. It appears, The Simpsons might have seen her coming before we did.

Source: NME

In an older episode Lisa Simpson is pleading with people to care more about the environment and clean up Springfield. Many fans have connected that to Greta’s movement.


The Gas Shortage

In an old episode, Homer fills up his car with tons of gas because of his concern about a gas shortage. Naturally, in true Homer fashion, he fills the trunk of his car with it.

Source: Metro UK

The UK faced a major fuel shortage many years later. Some fans believe this was another one of the insane predictions from the writers who must be time travelers.


The Osaka Flu

This prediction is one of the most controversial. Conspiracy theorists like to believe that this episode was a prediction of the COVID-19 virus. Others are unsure.

Source: Fox

They think it might have been too far-fetched to actually be true. Like other predictions from the show, some argue that it’s a matter of chance and possibility rather than true predictions.