Boomers and Millennials Finally Find Some Common Ground on These 11 Things

By: Lauren Fokas | Published: Dec 06, 2023

When it comes to a generational divide, there have certainly been some monumental changes between the lives of the Baby Boomers and the Millennials.

But although these two generations don’t have a lot in common, according to several online posts, there are eleven things that Boomers and Millennials actually do agree on.

The Smartphone Addiction

Across the board, most Millennials and Boomers concur that smartphone addiction is a real problem.

Several people of different ages, genders, and ethnicities stand in a line and look at their phones

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The truth is that people within both generations wish there was just a way to be unavailable again, like when everyone used answering machines for their landlines.

People’s General Volume Is Just too Loud

Although many people assume only the older generation gets frustrated with raucous noises, Millennials have spoken out in agreement that many people are simply too loud.

Woman shouting into a megaphone with her hand on her hip

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And it’s not just people; the loud music in restaurants or in public places, as well as overly sonorous television shows or movies, also bother both generations.

The QR Menus Have Got to Go

When COVID was rampant, most restaurants changed their menus to QR codes to lessen the spread of germs, and many of them haven’t gone back to paper menus since.

Hands holding a smartphone, pointing the camera at a QR menu in a restaurant

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However, both Boomers and Millennials agree that these QR menus have got to go. The Boomers don’t like having to use technology or read the little print to order their meals, whereas Millennials argue that the menu sites are not user-friendly.

Social Media Is out of Control

Realistically, almost everyone uses social media of some kind, whether they opt for Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram.

Illustration of small squares depicting various social media logos such as Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest

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But even though people use it, the general consensus among Baby Boomers and Millennials is that these platforms are bad for their mental health. And they would prefer it if they and everyone else used them far less.

Nobody Wants Strangers on Their Property

Everyone’s heard the cliche of an old man sitting on his porch yelling at the local kids to “get off the lawn!”

Elderly man sitting on a lawn chair on his front porch overlooking his lawn

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But the reality is that no one, no matter if they are 35 or 65, actually wants strangers of any age to come onto their private property.


The Next Generation Will Feel the Negative Effects of Constant Screens

Some Millennials had computers, and certainly all had televisions when they were growing up, but the amount of time they spent looking at screens was nothing compared to kids today.

Toddler staring at a screen on a tablet

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And, of course, Boomers didn’t look at anything besides an old television (if they were lucky) until they were much older. Both generations now agree that the sheer amount of time kids today spend looking at screens will absolutely have negative side effects in the future.


At This Point, There Are too Many Subscriptions

These days, it feels like every time someone wants to read an article, check a price, or even view a blog posting, they need to sign up as a subscriber first.

Person holding tablet that reads “Sign Up” with boxes requiring personal information

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Boomers hate this, and unsurprisingly, Millennials do, too. They want to simply enjoy what these sites have to offer at the moment without having to create yet another account.


Sometimes Buttons Are Better than Touchscreens

While many argue that touchscreens are very useful for tablets and smartphones, some in both the Boomer and Millennial generations think that, sometimes, real buttons are still better.

Hand pressing a touchscreen in a car with lights coming out of it

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One of the most common complaints is touchscreens in cars, which most people agree are more dangerous as the driver has to look down to see what they’re pressing instead of simply feeling for a button while keeping their eyes on the road.


Automated Phone Calls Are the Worst

In general, the younger generation of Millennials prefer to email or text, whereas Boomers would usually rather talk to a person on the phone when they need assistance.

Man on the phone visibly frustrated with the conversation

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But everyone hates automated customer service calls. Almost everyone who weighed in agreed they almost never get what they need out of these calls, and they want to pull their hair out trying to talk to a real person.


Appliances that Last, Like They Used To

With today’s ever-advancing technology, it seems that companies are putting less stock into devices that will last and more on how to make them new and exciting.

Pile of broken and discarded electronics such as phones, hard drives, speakers, etc

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And neither generation is pleased with this change. In fact, they both wish that appliances such as phones, computers, and even refrigerators would stand the test of time like they used to.


Not Every Device Has to Be “Smart”

Finally, although having a smart doorbell, speaker, and even dishwasher is now possible, many people in both the Boomer and Millennial generations claim they don’t need or want all their devices to be “smart.”

Modern kitchen counter with several smart devices lit up

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At the end of the day, people just want appliances that work like they are supposed to; they really don’t need to connect to the internet or talk back.