Mean Girls 2024 Release: The Good, the Pink and the Plastic

By: Ronnie Tal | Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

Welcome to the Mean Girls 2024 Extravaganza! Get ready for a “grool” time as we dive into the latest adaptation of this 2004 cult classic film. Will the 2024 Mean Girls be as “fetch” as the original? It’s finally available for viewing and we are about to find out. This beautifully pink universe was originally written and created by Tina Fey, who is not only taking charge of the new one but is also reprising her role in the film. 

While not a direct copy of the 2004 classic, Mean Girls 2024 will surely be its own hit, especially if Fey is involved. Sprinkled with nostalgia, featuring nods to the OG film it’s about to be a walk down memory lane with a twist. So, join the Plastics, and let’s make this movie night one for the books…not the Burn Book! We’ve got the scoop on all things Mean Girls, past, present, and plastic, so “get in, loser!”

The Plastic Lowdown

For those who need a Mean Girls refresher, here’s a quick play-by-play. New student Cady Heron, played by Angourie Rice (2024) and Lindsay Lohan (2004), ascends the social hierarchy when she infiltrates the elite group “The Plastics” to dismantle it, per her new outcast friend’s idea. While inside the group she gets caught up in the popularity of it all. “The Plastics” led by the cunning Regina George, portrayed by Reneé Rapp (2024) and Rachel McAdams (2004) rule the school. 


Source: Mean Girls 2004/ Mean Girls 2024 / Paramount Pictures / Youtube

With the support of outcast friends Janis and Damian, played by Auli’i Cravalho (2024) and Jaquel Spivey (2024), Cady navigates the treacherous landscape of high school while trying to stay true to herself. Rather than undergoing a complete transformation from the 2004 film, which Tina Fey based on Rosalind Wiseman’s 2002 book Queen Bees and Wannabes, the new Mean Girls takes cues from the Broadway musical version of the story. 


"Boo, you wh*re." Get Ready to Sing

Get ready to dance in the aisles because this adaptation is a full-blown musical extravaganza, rocking tunes straight from the Broadway stage. When chatting with PEOPLE in April 2023, the fabulous Reneé Rapp, our 2024 Regina George, couldn’t help but gush about the infectious charm of this musical masterpiece. 


Avantika, Angourie Rice, Reneé Rapp and Bebe Wood in 'Mean Girls' 2024 | Source: JOJO WHILDEN / PARAMOUNT

She dubs it a “very specific version” with a niche appeal, Rapp gives a shoutout to the brilliant Tina Fey, the creative force behind both the movie magic and the Broadway show’s book. The entire team gets a standing ovation for their exceptional job in bringing this beloved story to life. According to Rapp, the cast infuses the production with a youthful and undeniably cool energy that makes this musical a must-see sensation!

Becoming A 'Plastic' World

Crafting a vibrant and entirely new experience for this film version while paying deep respect to the classic was a thrilling challenge for Tom Broecker and his dynamic team, the creative minds behind the characters’ ensembles. This newer movie musical version seamlessly blends a fresh feel with homage to the original film that came out over 20 years ago.


Source: Mean Girls 2024 / Mean Girls 2004 / YouTube / Paramount Pictures

Tom paid close attention to the details bringing what will hopefully be some new and equally iconic moments and it all starts from the behind-the-scenes costume details. From sneaking in Easter eggs, to modernizing iconic looks, and more, Mean Girls 2024 does not disappoint.

Stop Trying to Make “Remake” Happen

Embracing the essence of the original 2004 film, the new movie, as producer Lorne Michaels gleefully shares, is no run-of-the-mill remake. “It isn’t a remake; it’s a new interpretation,” Michaels emphasized with excitement in a December 2023 chat with Entertainment Weekly.


Source: Mean Girls 2004 / Paramount Pictures

“It feels like a familiar enough story, but it’s for today.” Tony Award-nominee Jaquel Spivey, who is portraying the lively Damian, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the team’s ambition to create not a replication but a vibrant, contemporary rendition.

You're in Love With Me or Something

“We love it so much that we’re going to make something fresh because we can’t recreate it — it’s too iconic,” Spivey proclaimed. Director Samantha Jayne injected her enthusiasm into the mix, sharing their on-set mantra of upholding the sacred text while giving it a novel and invigorating twist. 

Source: Mean Girls 2024 / Mean Girls 2004 / YouTube / Paramount Pictures

Their creative journey involved substantial changes, prioritizing inclusivity with a diverse cast and characters. “Representation is extremely important,” emphasized Jayne. “To see yourself reflected on screen is everything, so we wanted our actors to bring themselves to this role in every way possible.” Brace yourself for a reinvented classic that pays homage to its roots while boldly stepping into the modern spotlight!


She Doesn't Even Go Here... But She Does

Who can forget the red walls, the gymnasium, the classroom, and of course the Savannah… correction, the cafeteria! However, as iconic as the Mean Girls’ high school is, regrettably, North Shore High School is a fictional realm. 

Source: Mean Girls 2004 / Paramount Pictures / Youtube

In the 2004 movie and its 2011 sequel, the inspiration for North Shore was drawn from New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, complemented by exterior shots from the Etobicoke Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


The North Shore Moves to Jersey

Fast forward to the 2024 remake, where the iconic North Shore High School still graces the screen. However, this time around it finds its home at the Mater Dei Prep in Middletown Township, New Jersey. 

Source: Mean Girls 2024 / Mean Girls 2004 / YouTube / Paramount Pictures

Established in the 1960s, the school served as the ideal filming location, having closed its doors as an educational institute in 2022. This vacancy paved the way for grand productions like Mean Girls to transform the space into a cinematic haven. Prepare for a nostalgic trip back to North Shore High, this time with some New Jersey flare!


Oh So Catchy! I Can’t Help It that I’m Popular

Wondering what’s in store? Get your ears ready for musical numbers like “A Cautionary Tale,” “Meet the Plastics,” “Stupid with Love,” and more! But, here’s the scoop – Jeff Richmond, the maestro behind the movie’s composition and also Tina Fey’s other half, spilled the beans. 

Source: Mean Girls 2004 / Mean Girls 2024 / Youtube / Paramount Pictures

They decided to sprinkle in some original songs to match the bedroom pop vibes taking over the music scene. Richmond spilled to Entertainment Weekly that, “People doing bedroom pop is very popular, basically producing all their songs in the bedroom. So that was our initial approach, but I wanted to bend the songs a little bit more to sound like radio hits, so we were changing the palette from Broadway to radio.”


What Happened to Aaron Samuels?

He might be making our heads spin every October 3rd and getting us to offer him gum we don’t have, but Aaron Samuels won’t be making us swoon with his voice. Yes, here’s the heads-up: every main character, except the ever-mysterious Aaron Samuels played by Chris Briney, is belting it out.

Jonathan Bennett and Lindsay Lohan in 2004 film Mean Girls. Source: Mean Girls 2004 / Paramount Pictures

This is not for lack of trying, Briney originally turned down the role because he didn’t want to sing but after some adjustments agreed to take part as long as he didn’t have to test his musical chops. Oh, and remember how Cady used to narrate? Well, get ready for a music fest because now, it’s all about narrating through catchy tunes! 


Two Blasts From the Past

Hold on to your Burn Books, because Tina Fey, the comedic genius behind it all, stages a triumphant comeback, stepping back into the shoes of the ever-supportive Ms. Norbury. And who could forget the overworked yet endearing Principal Duvall of North Shore High? 

Source: Mean Girls 2024 / Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection

Tim Meadows, the man who brought him to life in the original film, reclaims his spot on the screen for another round of high school shenanigans. Mean Girls 2024 doesn’t just stop at the familiar cameos, the plot thickens as these characters embark on a new twist in their story lines.


Dashing Duvall Gets an Upgrade

You may not have guessed or maybe you have but Tina Fey’s Ms. Norbury and Tim Meadows’s Principal Duvall aren’t just making boring old cameos; they’re leveling up. In this updated version, Principal Duvall has a master’s degree, a missing piece from the original film, elevating his character both in academia and dimension. 

Tim Meadows as Principal Duvall | Source: Mean Girls 2004 / Mean Girls 2024 / Youtube / Paramount Pictures

But that’s not all – love is in the air at North Shore High. Mr. Duvall has taken the plunge into married life with none other than Ms. Norbury herself. Yes, they’ve officially gone from dance partners in the 2004 film to the power couple of 2024.


Janice the Genius

Our beloved best friend pair, Janis and Damian, portrayed by the exceptionally talented Auli’i Cravalho and Spivey, aren’t just stealing scenes; they’re the narrators of this reimagined high school tale. 

Source: Mean Girls 2024 / Mean Girls 2004 / Youtube / Paramount Pictures

A fresh twist, a dash of humor, and the perfect amount of sass to modernize the OG movie. In the wise words of Bebe Wood, the fabulous Gretchen Weiners, directors Sam and Art hit the jackpot with their ingenious idea – “What if Janis and Damian directed their own high school experience?” Talk about turning the tables! 


We’re Taking Broadway to Hollywood

Now, let’s step onto the red carpet, where the excitement is palpable. Auli’i Cravalho, our modern-day Janis, told PEOPLE, that sharing the honor and nerves that come with taking on such an iconic role was daunting at first. “1000% I was nervous,” she confesses, wearing that nervous energy with a grin that could rival Regina George’s. 

Source: Mean Girls 2004 / Mean Girls 2024 / Youtube / Paramount Pictures

But when Tina Fey is at the helm of a project that reimagines Mean Girls and blends in the Broadway musical’s magic, who wouldn’t be over the moon? Cravalho, our little theater kid at heart, couldn’t contain her excitement, expressing the sheer joy of being part of this sensational world that is Mean Girls.


Finding the Fashion

In Mean Girls 2024, the magic of fashion isn’t brewed in a traditional cauldron but stirred up in the contemporary landscape of Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and the bustling streets of New York! 

Source: Mean Girls 2024/2004 / Paramount

Tom, our style maestro, and his costume squad aren’t flipping through outdated fashion magazines; they’re scrolling through social media feeds and absorbing the streetwear vibes to redefine the looks of our favorite Mean Girls characters. It’s like fashion heaven meets the digital age, and the result is a 2024 version that’s not just fashionable but bursting with energy, sass, and New York essence.


And Speaking of Fashion…

In the OG Mean Girls, Janis pulled a classic move by cutting holes in Regina’s shirt, expecting a fashion disaster. Little did they know, Regina rocked the look with confidence, turning it into a trend. Fast forward to 2024, and Janis is back at it, but with a new twist. 

Source: Mean Girls 2024/2004 / Paramount

She unleashes the sprinklers on Regina when she snags the homecoming queen title, giving us the iconic “wet look” comeback that floods social media. Mean Girls 2024 still pays homage to the classics though – Regina’s cut-out bra shirt from 2004 makes a cameo during the Halloween party shenanigans!


Tina Knows What She’s Doing

Picture this: Mrs. Norbury stealing the spotlight at the assembly, rocking a polka dot blouse that’s almost a twin to her OG fashion moment. While Mean Girls 2024 went through a fashion makeover to stay on point with the times, Mrs. 

Source: Mean Girls 2004/2024 / Paramount / Everett Collection

Norbury decided to pull a classic move, proving that some styles are timeless. It’s like a blast from the past with a dash of new romance – Tina Fey is not just reprising a role; she’s giving it a grool makeover. Get ready for Mrs. Norbury 2.0, bringing sass, style, and a whole lot of polka dots to the Mean Girls legacy!


See If You Can Spot These Little Suprises

Tom, the sneaky genius, scattered tiny Easter eggs throughout the movie as a nod to the OG film! In the cafeteria scene, Gretchen steals the show with sheer socks, a cheeky copy of the original argyle sweater that OG Gretchen flaunted. But that’s not all the mischief Tom’s cooked up! 

Source: Mean Girls 2004/2024 / Paramount

Karen, our queen of quirky, struts around with a backward “K” necklace, giving a playful salute to a specific 2004 scene. Tom spilled the beans to BuzzFeed, admitting he had a mini panic about whether people would catch on. The big reveal? Not a peep from the set when Karen sported the backward bling.


Thank You, Next and Jingle On Your Way

Forget “Jingle Bell Rock”; it’s all about the sassy moves to “Rockin’ Around the Pole” in this fresh take. And guess what? Regina and her crew have been at it for years, but Damian, the ultimate hype critic, is waving the “Thank you, next” flag. 

Source: Mean Girls 2004/2024 / Paramount

Picture this: Damian in the audience, giving the performance a sassy “Thank you, next” comment. It’s not just a diss; it’s a nod to Ariana Grande’s hit song and album from 2019. The winter talent show looks? Total Ariana Grande vibes, thanks to the directors getting inspo from the “Thank U, Next” music video.


A Musical October 3rd

Picture this: Aaron pops the question, “What day is it?” and Cady, with perfect pitch, belts out, “It’s October 3rd.” But wait, there’s more – a chorus of singing students echoes the sentiment, turning a classic line into a full-blown musical moment. 

Source: Mean Girls 2004/2024 / Paramount

Singing the line adds a touch of whimsy and surrealism, giving a nod to its iconic status. And hey, the musical vibes don’t stop there – we’ve got characters playing instruments in the background. Because in Mean Girls 2024, we don’t just talk; we sing, dance, and make every day feel like a Broadway spectacle!


The Cameo Limit Does Not Exist

when Cady and the North Shore Mathletes hit the stage, guess who’s there to host the party? None other than the OG Cady herself, Lindsay Lohan! It’s a double dose of Cady magic as Lindsay shares the screen with the new Cady. 

Source: Mean Girls 2024 / Mean Girls 2004 / Paramount

As the competition heats up, Lohan’s character drops a sly bombshell – only one tie in the history of States, a cheeky nod to the tiebreaker madness in Mean Girls 2024. And here’s the twist: Lindsay’s character stays mysteriously unnamed, leaving the door wide open for wild theories and fan connections between the two Mean Girls flicks.


Guess What- ‘Fetch’ is Happening

Gretchen is back on the fetch train, and it’s making a comeback in Mean Girls 2024! While Gretchen couldn’t quite make “fetch” a thing in 2004, it’s still the stuff of movie legend. It’s not just a line; it’s a time-traveling wink at how much has changed since. 

Source: Mean Girls 2024 / Mean Girls 2004 / Youtube / Paramount Pictures

And guess what? Gretchen’s still getting the classic Regina eye-roll with a side of, “Stop trying to make fetch happen!” So, buckle up for a linguistic joyride that spans years, movies, and Gretchen’s undying quest for fetch glory. 


Mean Girls 2024 Rapping with Rapp

Keep an eye out for a social media maven who hilariously critiques the Plastics’ winter talent show mishap, bringing the online chatter to life. But that’s not all – brace yourselves for a double dose of excitement with another cameo, this time in the form of lively videos that add an extra layer of fun to the movie experience. 

Reneé Rapp and Megan Thee Stallion Source: 'Not My Fault' Music Video / YouTube

And if that wasn’t enough to get you buzzing, guess who’s dropping beats and making the soundtrack even more fire? None other than Megan Thee Stallion, teaming up with the talented Rapp for the catchy track “Not My Fault.”


Get in, Loser, it's My House Now

Bid farewell to the mall frenzy; now, Regina’s place of residence takes center stage as the ultimate hangout haven. The mall is for basics and these are the Plastics. Prepare for the makeover as Regina pulls up, effortlessly declaring, “Get in, loser.” 

Source: Mean Girls 2004 / Mean Girls 2024 / Jojo Whilden / Paramount Pictures

Yet, here’s the delightful revelation: Reneé Rapp’s rendition of the line leans more towards teasing than commanding, injecting a dash of playfulness into this iconic directive contrast to Rachel McAdams’s Regina in the original. Who needs a mall when Regina’s house steals the spotlight? It’s truly an iconic moment reinterpreted in Mean Girls.


In Girl World, Halloween is Something Else

Reneé Rapp’s Gen Z spin on Regina George throws Rachel McAdams’ millennial side part out the window for a vibe that’s as current as the latest TikTok trends. The movie’s stylists gave the same Gen Z treatment to Regina’s Playboy Bunny costume. 

Source: Mean Girls 2004/2024 / Paramount

In the Broadway show, she flirted with a red she-devil look, but hey, they didn’t want to be predictable. So, after some epic powwows with Tina Fey and the directors, they hatched a plan involving a golden vulture, embracing a birds-of-prey kind of theme, modernizing an iconic scene once again. 


From Broadway Queen to Madame Park

Ashley Park, the Broadway queen who first dazzled us as Gretchen Wieners on the Broadway stage, has a stellar cameo as Madame Park, Cady’s French teacher at North Shore High School. 

Ashley Park as Madame Park Source: Mean Girls 2024 / Jojo Whilden / Paramount

Ashley not only owned the Gretchen role on Broadway, earning herself a Tony nomination for her fabulous performance, but now she’s back, trading in the pink for a beret. And who’s that causing a hilarious ruckus in the health and human sexuality class? None other than Jon Hamm steps into the shoes of Carr, the charmingly clueless teacher who struggles with spelling “vasectomy” and “hormones.”


Not Just A Musical

This movie’s musical journey is so sneaky, even the marketers are playing it cool! While Mean Girls 2024 has all the musical vibes, it’s not flaunting the label like a prized possession. According to The Hollywood Reporter, studios are keeping it on the down-low to avoid those pesky musical stereotypes. 

Source: Mean Girls 2024 / Paramount Pictures

Whisper the word “musical,” and suddenly people think every line is belted out. One studio marketer spilled the tea, saying that spelling out the M-word triggers preconceived opinions, and audiences might run faster than Regina George into that school bus. There is more to this than just a Musical and you surely won’t be disappointed, especially if you loved the original even if you didn’t this one is a stand-alone. 


Rebellion Meets Nostalgia

Drawing inspiration from both the original film and the Broadway musical, the creative team behind the 2024 movie engaged in a delicate dance between homage and innovation. A notable instance is when Damian and Janis, catch Cady in a rebellious act and choose a speedy escape on Damian’s motorized scooter. 

Daniel Franzese as Damian (2004) and Lizzy Kaplan as Janis (2004) ; Jaquel Spivey as Damian (2024) and Auli'i Cravalho as Janis (2024) | Source: Mean Girls / Paramount Pictures

This clever incorporation of the Broadway twist showcases the team’s knack for blending nostalgia with a fresh take, ensuring Mean Girls 2024 carries the torch of the beloved original 2004 film while adding its own vibrant, musical-infused twist.


Statement Jewelry in True 'Plastic' Fashion

When Cady starts mirroring Regina’s style, she flaunts an initial necklace that’s practically twinsies with her frenemies. Talk about a style swap! As the plot thickens, Cady takes a plunge into the shallow waters of Plastic-dom, donning their signature look, amping up the makeup game, and adopting a pinch of self-absorption.

Source: Mean Girls 2004/2024 / Paramount

And there’s more drama in the air—literally! Regina, on her revenge spree, rocks a gray sweatshirt that boldly screams “dramátic.” A nod to the OG Mean Girls aesthetic, anyone. Drama, revenge, and chaos – the Plastics truly know how to make an entrance!


Not on October 3rd?!

In short now that you know what to expect, the easter eggs and all, the only thing left to do is put on your best pink outfit and make it a Plastics party. Enjoy Mean Girls 2024 out now or you can even do some extra credit and watch the 2004 version too.

Angourie Rice, Bebe Wood, Avantika, Reneé Rapp Source: Mean Girls 2024 Behind the Scenes / Paramount / IMDB

Get excited because Mean Girls is going to be so “Fetch” no matter where you watch it or who you watch it with, just make sure you remember to wear pink, especially on Wednesday, or else you can’t watch with us.