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The Weeknd Reveals the Real Reason Behind His Recent Bandaged Face Appearance

The Weeknd’s Super Bowl halftime performance has earned curiosity from the public and finally addressed the concern over his face covered with bandages, appearing like a tormented prisoner of war. Try to recall his almost-real blood and bruises VMA appearance last August 2020 while singing the Blinding Lights, that was another mind-boggling show that piqued the curiosity of the audience. Some people may have thought he had plastic surgery in the recent Save Your Tears video because of the horrid look. However, despite everyone having a minor heart attack, the Grammy-award winner kept his mum about it.

The Weeknd has indeed captured everyone’s hearts since people are worried and waiting for his comment regarding this issue. This horrific portrayal of a wounded person heightened the viewers’ interest in his much-awaited Super Bowl appearance. But he didn’t leave the fans hanging, The Weeknd reassured the public that it would be cinematic through his interview with Billboard. His Pepsi Super Bowl ad also caused a chatter but not because of another awful facade, this time, it is unbelievably normal. To boost the hype about his most-anticipated halftime performance, The Weeknd finally revealed the reason behind his bandaged and tortured look.

The Bruises

In his talk with Variety, The Weeknd shared the significance of such bandages: it reflects the absurdity in the culture existing in Hollywood celebrities and individuals transforming themselves for ostensible reasons to be loved and validated. The public might have perceived it as his confirmation of Page Six’s speculation that the current facial prosthetics was the singer’s means to grill Bella Hadid, his ex-girlfriend.

But this is still unresolved and left a mystery. Perhaps it goes further than that because The Weeknd is currently promoting his performance and latest album. Hence, the variety of jolting antics. Tesfaye revealed that his red outfits’ rationale is to portray a role for the audience to continuously pry on, with a story that everyone can mull over–just like in his songs’ lyrics from Blinding Lights to Save Your Tears.

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The singer added that all these facial transformations are in progression, viewers have to watch The Character’s story reach the climax of danger and preposterousness as the tale continues. And for his halftime show in the coming Super Bowl, everyone just has to chill and wait for it.

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye A.K.A The Weeknd

His Natural Face

Avid fans of the multi-awarded singer have noticed that somehow his appearance changed since last year. It went through a slight physical transformation during the launching of After Hours, his recent album. This caused the viewers to speculate if such changes are real or fabricated. During the release of Save Your Tears last November, the Canadian singer seemed to have done a full facial rework in the music video. He was unrecognizable. To end all the conjectures, the New York Post confirmed that it was all for show.

In his latest revelation, the singer unveiled his actual face in a TV commercial while endorsing his much-anticipated Super Bowl halftime show. This can be a hint that The Weeknd may appear to be his usual self for this February 7 show. Well, there’s nothing much to do but to wait and see.

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