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The Tale Behind Taylor Swift’s Perfect Teeth

Taylor Swift is known as an undeniably excellent singer. But she is also loved for her Barbie-like features and close-to-perfect set of teeth. Several fans are envious and curious about Taylor Swift’s teeth and what she does to them to appear as pearly-white as ever. Well, given that with today’s technology, anybody can have everything done, including a great set of teeth. Hence, if you have money like Swift, you surely can pay someone to work magic on a chipped tooth.

One of the common questions about the singer’s appearance is, what kind of Taylor Swift whitening job is done to make it look that way? The simplest answer is veneers. Although, nobody could tell if this has been done prior to the 2013 incident where she had a chipped tooth during a live performance. There was no indication of a chipped tooth in the photos made after the event. Instead, her teeth looked perfect.

The Braces

There’s no escape when it comes to the internet, even Taylor’s story about having braces when she was young circulated for quite a while. Even if she hasn’t confirmed any of the write-ups, the then-and-now photos don’t lie. Before she became a Grammy-award winner, Swift’s childhood pictures showed that her teeth looked quite different. These were the factors that sparked the curiosity of the public, did she wear braces? Whether she did or did not, there must have been something done for sure since an excellent set of teeth can’t magically happen overnight.

Swift somehow stated that she used retainers in one of her interviews in 2011. She went on to have dental surgery, and during one of her clinic visits, her retainers were lost. Another proof of her wearing a dental accessory was in her Tumblr video, speaking to her fans about the proper way to tie a bracelet. The public’s prying eyes have noticed Swift’s talking with a lisp, a typical sign of a person using retainers. Fans believed it was the invisible type since they’re hardly seen when the singer talked.

The Grammy-Award singer and songwriter

The Horrible Accident

The Taylor Swift chipped teeth incident occurred in her Red World Tour a few years ago. She broke her tooth on the mic and saw a piece fly off during the performance. Being a professional, Taylor ignored and went on with the show.

Despite Taylor’s statement that she’s leaving it that way, recent photos say otherwise. The public thinks the multi-talented singer has veneers. Avid fans went further in thoroughly scrutinizing her dental condition and concluded that the latest teeth’s appearance are fuller and more aligned than before. Fans even noticed how she licked her front tooth every time she talked in her recent interviews. This is a telltale sign of people with veneers since their front teeth quickly get dry when they speak.

Regardless of whether Swift has them or not, there’s no doubt that she has an almost perfect set of teeth and a warming smile. And fans get crazy all the time whenever she flashes those in during performances.


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