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Selena Quintanilla Pérez’s Netflix Latest Series Gets Fans Elated Following Its Initial Preview



Netflix has just released a quick preview of Selena’s latest TV show, “Selena: The Series,” which will air during the holidays. In a tweet from the media provider’s account, the new series was introduced as, “Every legend begins with a dream.”

This new TV production presents the popstar’s adulthood narrative. It shows how she made an insane number of records, but her career was halted more than two decades ago following her gruesome murder at the age of 23 by an over-zealous fan club manager. Christian Serratos will portray the role of Pérez as a bilingual and world-renowned singer.

After 25 years, the Mexican-American pop icon’s eager fans are jubilant about the release of her recent television show.

Vanessa Perez, one of Selena’s loyal fans, grew up supporting her idol’s music by listening to it a thousand times, remembering the moments when she would play it in her mom’s car, listening together, while they’re on an errand. “We would turn up her songs and start singing our hearts out,” Perez recalled. In 1997, when the singer’s documentary film was released, which starred another iconic singer Jennifer Lopez, Perez remembered she queued for several hours just to witness its premiere.

Vanessa recounted the events, how she was enamored of the multi-talented singer’s music and was eager to watch the film to learn more about Selena’s life. As a Mexican American, she was able to relate to the American actress’s lifestyle. Today, Vanessa hoped that this recent preview to Selena’s life would be an inspiration to more individuals.


Rogelio Tec, a 25-year old Brooklyn-based fan, thought back that he was just a baby when Selena died. While growing up, Tec realized that Selena was his first Latinx idol. Even his parents were in love with her music. They all listened, sang, and danced to it all the time. As Tec would put it, “She was mythic. Selena was a superstar when she was alive, but she was made a legend through her death. The J-Lo starring movie only cemented that to me. ”

Being a protective fan, Tec was a bit skeptical of the recent TV series. But after watching the teaser, he was appeased by how magical it was and seemed familiar. There were a number of fans who expressed their elation in social media about the upcoming show.

In his interview with NBC News last year, one of the TV series’ executive producers, Moisés Zamora, said that Selena’s talent to run her life as an American and her Mexican lineage resonated with him. He came from Mexico and moved to California when he was still 11 years old. Even if he was fluent and schooled in English, he saw the need to develop his Spanish skills through writing. Selena spoke English as she grew up, but the audience most loved her Spanish ballads.

For Zamora, Selena’s music brought a significant difference in so many people’s lives, just like what it did to him.


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