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Rebel Wilson’s Conspicuous Transformation Made Her Almost Unrecognizable

The Pitch Perfect star, Rebel Wilson, appeared different in her recent photos. After her dramatic transformation, the 40-year-old Aussie showed off her hot physique in an Instagram post that shocked everyone.

According to Fox News, Wilson is committed to losing weight and targeting about 165lbs before 2020 ends. The public is fully aware of this weight-loss journey since the Australian actress has been openly documenting her milestones on social media, from diet transformation to exercise routine.

hard work pays off

One of Wilson’s posts that showcased a slimmer figure is during her friend’s wedding. She wore a bold yellow sundress that elegantly clung to her body.

As part of her journey to getting healthy and fit, Wilson worked with Jono Castano, her trainer. The trainer happily shared Wilson’s achievements and how she endured every step to get to her target weight. Castano was proud of Rebel’s dedication to this mission and expected nothing less from the actress. Such transformation came from Wilson’s commitment and diligence.

During Castano’s interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, he also divulged some tips that they’ve used, such as a workout routine for five days straight, nutrition, and balancing of vitamins and supplements. Furthermore, the entire fitness program also involved a proper recovery method, including having a complete sleep, stretching, maintaining emotional health, and more. Wilson and Castano focused on high-intensity exercises and heavy lifting to complement the rest of the non-physical regimen.

The Mission

Last January, Rebel was blatant about her goal of losing weight and called it a “Year Of Health.” She aimed to shed off about 75 kg and put her heart to it. Few months later, Rebel candidly chronicled her progress on Instagram, which the public enjoyed keeping an eye on.

According to Wilson’s statement, she’s focused on working hard just to achieve such a mission because it will all be worth it. The journey will not be sweet as always, and sometimes it will make you want to give up due to the slow development, but good things come to those who strive hard. Essentially, this was Wilson’s mantra throughout this pursuit.
Wilson also shared that she’s trying to work on the production of her films before 2020 ends. However, several issues have continuously set her back from working on both endeavors. With her strong determination, Wilson didn’t back down and persevered to get what she wanted.

Rebel Wilson in her famous role as Fat Amy

The Diet

Wilson was upfront about her love for food. She likes to eat dessert or ice cream regardless if it’s good or bad days. Whenever the actress feels victorious at that moment, Wilson will celebrate and reward herself with an appetizing dish. On days when she feels awful, she resorts to eating to be relieved. Others call it stress or emotional eating. Rebel confessed she doesn’t drink and does drugs. Her only guilty pleasure is eating. And there’s no way she would give that one up.

Moreover, Rebel didn’t opt for a shortcut path to looking fit by surgery. She’s confident with her curves. In fact, she considered it as a good thing. It helped Wilson jump start her career. On the day she met the agent, Wilson disclosed that the agent thought she was unique and had enough confidence to become a star.


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