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New Emojis To Sum Up Your 2020 Mood Are Coming Soon


Want to express the feeling of confusion, exasperation, or strong passion online? You can soon find an appropriate emoji for these emotions. 

Unicode Consortium, a California-based non-profit organization, recently announced the upcoming release of over 200 new characters in public. While the new pictograms will not be available until 2021, these images can aptly display most people’s moods around the world this year in a nutshell. You will not find winky smiles or cute rainbows in the upcoming list. Instead, images of faces with spiral eyes and face in the clouds are included in the new emojis that will arrive on your smartphone. 

Here are some of the upcoming emojis that you can look forward to once the Unicode Consortium made the Emoji Recently Added v13.1 list public.  

Face in the Clouds

People who feel confused or have a head-in-the-clouds state of mind can find this emoji useful to share their thoughts in the virtual world. It is an ideal emoji to use when you feel disconcerted due to prolonged stays in the house during the forced quarantine days. It can also represent those who are absentminded in different situations. 

Face with Spiral Eyes

An emoji of a face with big, spiral eyes can represent people who have been spending lots of time looking at their social media newsfeed. The year 2020 is filled with plenty of unsettling news. It includes the ongoing deadly COVID-19 pandemic, acres of raging wildfires, conflicting politics, and scandalous reality shows. These subjects can make you feel that the world you grew up in is spiraling right before your eyes. Unicode Consortium also described this emoji as a representation of a troubled, dizzy, and hypnotized look.   

Face Exhaling 

While Unicode described this emoji as a face exhaling or a representation of someone who is gasping, groaning, or breathing a sigh of relief, you can also use it to express your bliss after taking off your face mask as soon as you are indoors and far from other people. It may also symbolize a person vaping, coughing, sneezing, whistling, or whispering. 

Mending Heart 

This year broke many people’s hearts worldwide, which could be why it can be one of the most popular emojis as soon as it comes out next year. Unicode mentioned that this emoji represents recovery, improvements, better health, and healing. These emotions are what most people would want to experience in the coming days. 

Heart on fire 

Found something that you are deeply passionate about? Then this is the right emoji to show the virtual world how you feel. It can also express the feeling of a heart with a burning desire. Or, you can use it to let everyone know that you are having indigestion if you want. 

Woman, man, a person with a beard (in varying skin tones)

Unicode finally allows you to use gender-neutral bearded emojis. These are set apart from the ones with specific gender by the length of the hair, size of the face, or eyebrows set. 

Couple with heart

You and your significant other now have an emoji representation. The Couple-with-heard emojis will arrive in four distinct gender variations, including a gender-neutral couple, man-man couple, female-female couple, and the heterosexual couple. It also comes in different skin tones. As a bonus, you will also see a Couple-with-Kiss emoji in the upcoming release. 


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