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Marvel vs DC: Which Universe is Better?

Comic books help you escape to a world where other-worldly creatures and super powers exist. But which comic book series do you prefer? Keep reading to know which series upstages the other.

If you’re a comic book fan, you’re probably no stranger to the Marvel vs DC series rivalry. We all grew up with them, sneaking these comic books to school to discuss what went down in the recent issues. These comic books would entertain children and teens before video games.

However, a massive debate has been going around for a while, which has divided people into two sides – the Marvel fans and the DC fans. Both groups agree that their preferred comic series is better than the other. But does one really upstage the other?

Let’s try to break it down further.

Marvel Characters Tend to Struggle

One of the basic qualities of the Marvel comic universe is that their characters and heroes must prepare for battle. This theme occurs in their motion pictures, funnies, and TV shows, which center around the battles these legends must overcome (because of Marvel’s sensible style).

They likewise will, in general, be conceived like normal individuals who go through mishaps and changes to acquire their force. Peter Parker was only an ordinary child who a radioactive bug bit to turn him into Spiderman. Furthermore, Bruce Banner wan’t born as the Hulk. However, all things being equal, he changes into him occasionally due to exposure to gamma beams. Captain America was a thin child from Brooklyn who transforms into ‘Cap’ by taking the serum that makes a person gain superhuman strength.

DC Characters Are Born Powerful

Rather than the Marvel list, the DC heroes are generally born with extraordinary powers. They have otherworldly powers, magical beginnings, or they were naturally introduced to an affluent family.

Superman was shipped off Earth by his dad Jor-El from Krypton with remarkable capacities. He had human guardians on Earth, who raised him as a regular individual. Eventually, of course, he learned about his planet’s obliteration and the secrets of his past. Wonder Woman is likewise a demi-god born to be an Amazonian hero. Her mom, Queen Hippolyta, raised her on the island of Themyscira, teaching her the ways of a warrior.

Batman, likewise, lives in luxury in Wayne Manor with his folks Thomas and Martha. Yet he has no superpowers or capacities. All things considered, he has extraordinary riches which is a gateway for what’s to come. Aquaman is brought into the world by the Atlantean King, who acquired his force. Indeed, even Cyborg was a remarkable school footballer. For most DC characters, life will, in general, comes along with many benefits.

Marvel vs DC Verdict

In all honesty, both of these comic book series are great for fun escapism. Which of them is better depends on your taste, preference, and likability. These comic series have successfully adapted screenplay versions of these stories – bringing these comic book characters to life. All of these films have been very widely received, and some have even spawned sequels. Hence, it isn’t black and white in terms of which series is better than the other. Just depends upon which method of storytelling compels you the most.


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