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Justin Bieber Describes Tom Cruise As ‘Toast’ And Plans To Fight The Actor

It seems like Justin Bieber is still bent on fighting the perennial action-hero Tom Cruise.

The “Never Say Never” singer started to nag Cruise again after posting a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption, “Tom Cruise is toast.”

It is not the first time that the Canadian singer-songwriter was involved in an online drama. Due to his over-confidence and dramatic nature, all his social media accounts are never without any controversies.

His Twitter account has a history of a spontaneous outburst. His Instagram, on the other hand, became his venue to announce his marriage to Hailey Baldwin and post photos that keeps his loyal “Belieber” fans happy.

In 2019, The Biebs took a short break from creating music to concentrate on himself and his mental wellbeing. However, he chose to go on and post various content on social media.

One of his standout posts on Twitter happened in June 2019, when he challenged Cruise to fight him in the octagon. He also said that if the “Mission Impossible” star will not respond to his mixed martial arts-style challenge, he is “scared.” He also tagged Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) head honcho Dana White for his planned event.

Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber seems intent to pursue his dream to fight Tom Cruise in the octagon after reigniting his two-year-old challenge for the action superstar.

Bieber’s reason for doing this remains a mystery – and may continue to do so forever.

Some people speculated it as a religious matter. Everyone knows that the best-selling music artist is practicing Christianity, while Cruise is a popular Scientologist. The glaring differences in their religion could be a major factor for the singer’s strange request.

However, Cruise proved that he is wiser and more mature than the “Baby” singer.

Plenty of people believe that the wide age difference between the two superstars is not a good idea for the challenge. Bieber is 26 years old, while Cruise is 58 years old. Despite being almost 30 years older, Cruise has a reputation for being a very tough guy, especially since he usually does most of his action stunts in his movies.

Netizens called out Bieber due to his bizarre tweet against Cruise. Some even want the movie actor to accept the challenge to see him beat the younger celebrity on the octagon.

Cruise and his camp chose to keep mum about the challenge, turning the Biebs into an online laughing stock.

But some of his friends chose to stick by his side. Former MMA champion Conor McGregor turned to Twitter to declare that his sports and entertainment company is willing to host the bout, and even challenged actor Mark Wahlberg at the same time. Still, nothing happened in both challenges.

Almost two years after, Bieber reinstates his challenge for Cruise on Instagram. It even got positive reinforcement from other personalities like former WWE star Dwayne Johnson, who took a quote from the “Rocky” movie to express his support to the Grammy Award-winning star.

Cruise remained tight-lipped about reacting to Bieber’s tirades. The actor is expected to reprise his iconic role as Maverick Mitchell in “Top Gun: Maverick,” but COVID-19 paused its production.


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