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Jennifer Lopez Puts a Troll in Their Place After Allegedly Using Tons of Botox

Most people remember Jennifer Lopez for her famous hit songs such as I’m Real, Jenny from the Block, Ain’t Your Mama, Dance Again, Dinero and Love Don’t Cost a Thing, to name a few. But if you were born during her rise to fame, you may know her as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color in 1991. Two years later, she decided to pursue her acting career by becoming the lead role in the film Selena in 1993. She was also the first Latina actress to earn over $1 million for a film she starred in.

She also starred in many other films including Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner, Anaconda, and her latest movie, Hustlers. Nowadays, you can find Jennifer Lopez taking photos with soldiers during the inauguration, posing behind a plane headed for DC. She even teamed up with well-known women’s designer brand Coach.

Instagram Trolls Wanted to Mess With Her

Every celebrity will always attract positive and negative criticism everywhere. As the old phrase goes, “You cannot please everybody.” It is expected that J.Lo has people that do not like her in general. Maybe it was because of how she acted in one of her films or the music she produces for her fans.

However, one internet troll decided that they would call the pop star out for her constant use of botox. Everyone will agree that she still looks stunning even at the age of 51 years old, but some think she uses botox a lot to get the beautiful, young skin that she has right now. Unfortunately, the Maid in Manhattan star had some time in her hands and decided that she would call out this one troll and give them a piece of their mind.

Jennifer Lopez looks stunning and gorgeous during E!’s CFDA Awards

How She Handled the Situation

Whenever celebrities try to speak out to the public, there will be a mix of positive and negative feedback from everyone. The way they speak will determine how everyone will perceive them. If they lash out angrily at a fan, some may think that the celebrity has anger management issues, since most of them are told to never interact with negative criticisms too much. Some get to the point of fighting with the fan because they got fed up with the troll.

Luckily, Jennifer Lopez is the sweetest and kindest person anyone could ever meet. When one Instagram called her out for using botox, she simply replied that it was only her face and that she said “for the 500 millionth time” that she has never had any Botox, injectables, or surgery done on her face.

She even gave them her “JLO Beauty secret”, and that was to spend their time being positive, uplifting, and kind to others. She also said that they should not spend their time bringing down others if they want to be youthful and beautiful.


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