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How To Be The Most Amazing Batman In ‘Arkham Knight’

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Video game enthusiasts know exactly how difficult it is to play “Batman: Arkham Knight.” The best-selling fourth installment of the action-adventure video game from Rocksteady Studios presented some new batch of skills and abilities in the ever-growing list of mechanics for the game. The new abilities can make it harder to choose which one to use to become the best Batman in the game.

To make your life easier, here are some spoiler-free tips that will let you launch the game effortlessly. You may also use these tips to guide your game if you are already in the middle of the challenges.

Be the best Capped Crusader and eliminate all your enemies in “Batman: Arkham Knight” using the following tricks.

Tip #1: Fight The Need For Button-Mashing

Generally, the combat skills used by Batman will prompt you to kill your enemies in the fastest possible time. But this will not work if tier wants to win the game, especially since every “Arkham” games prioritize giving points to accurate and properly timed moves instead of rapid button mashing.

You must practice accurate timing on your attacks using single button taps at the last part of a perfect strike or counterattack. Int will let you increase the chances of surviving the combat and generate more health. It will also let you have a bigger experience boost. Using upgraded “Critical Strikes” combat will also increase your multiplier boost from your accurately-timed hits.

Tip #2: Challenge Your Most Difficult Enemies First

Rocksteady Studios introduced several new dangerous foes in “Batman: Arkham Knight.” It means there will be more enemies than the usual villains in each battle. At the start of the combat stage, you need to attack all medics as fast as possible to prevent them from healing their wounded teammates.

It is also important to eliminate all the armed enemies to no longer stage an attack on you. After getting rid of these enemies, you can start taking down all enemies in sight. Just keep in mind that the larger enemies normally take longer before getting killed completely. It means you can be at risk of being attacked by your friends. So kill the smaller ones first before they can stage an attack.

Tip #3: Use The Remote Hacking Device

One of the best and most helpful additions to Batman’s weapons in “Arkham Knight” is the Remote Hacking Device. This exclusive feature can allow you to blind all your enemy drones and their turrets. It will also let you attack all enemies protected by drones and turrets.

However, you need to remember that you must practice patience when using the most powerful applications of the Remote Hacking Device. You need to begin by isolating one of the drone operators then surprise him with an unexpected attack. But instead of launching a silent takedown, you must use the Remote Hacking Device to get hold of the drone’s data.

These tips can help you win against your foes in “Batman: Arkham Knight.” By using these tricks, you can become the best Batman possible in the video game in a short span of time.


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