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Exposing Elizabeth Taylor’s Real Eye Color

Everyone envies Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes, specifically their color–violet. She used to be one of the iconic and ever beautiful women in her generation. She was the epitome of Hollywood glamour on and offscreen. People across the world raved about Elizabeth Taylor’s eye color. Many film critics remembered being astonished by the hues of her eyes every time they saw her live on several media occasions like movie premieres or awards night. Those eyes were just exquisite, and almost everyone wouldn’t believe at first until Elizabeth would look straight on them.

Speaking of eyes, Taylor’s eccentric beauty didn’t end there; she also had lush eyelashes brought by a genetic mutation. This is an excellent example of genuinely gifted. Elizabeth Taylor’s eyelashes are uniquely arranged in two rows that enhanced her alluring face and captivating violet-colored eyes. Medical experts call this rare condition as distichiasis or having an extra row of lashes. It is treatable, but most people don’t see it as a flaw but an asset instead.

Health Condition

Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes are showing a blend of hues like grays and blues. The violet color may come from her usual pigmentation. Most physicians said that a person could hold such an eye color since it relies on their melanin level. And this amount is identified by genetics. Elizabeth’s eyes had a specific and peculiar melanin level.

Apart from being diagnosed with distichiasis, Taylor also had scoliosis that led her to experience terrible hip and back issues for her entire life. To help her live through the pain, she often drank alcohol and painkillers altogether. Unfortunately, that combo didn’t cut it. Her dependence on drugs led her to addiction, which Elizabeth had to fight through for quite a while.

Furthermore, Taylor experienced a series of accidents and sickness. She went through a near-death experience more than once. While shooting her most successful and world-renowned National Velvet, she fell from a horse and got a broken neck. Taylor went through an operation and contracted pneumonia later on. After a few years, she was so unlucky that such an illness returned and made her weaker. Elizabeth fought terrible health issues throughout the years like tonsilitis, kidney problems, an ovarian cyst, broken bones, skin cancer, and brain tumor. Clearly, she suffered more than anybody else in the world. Despite having a sophisticated beauty brought by a rare genetic condition, she was just like another human being, after all.

Elizabeth Taylor: The legendary actress who was famous for her role as Cleopatra

She’s A Natural

The English-American actress loved to put on purple or blue clothes and accessories, making her eyes stand out. She was very particular about her outfits since Taylor was fully aware of how to accentuate what the public liked most of her appearance–a purple set of eyes.

In 1932, Taylor was born in the UK. She and her family flew to the US before World War II started. She received her first gig as an actress in 1942 on the movie, One Born Every Minute. After a few years, she was considered a breakout star and became the first actress to earn $1 million for a film. Elizabeth won a couple of Academy Awards and had numerous nominations.


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